Greetings, and welcome to Anime Secrets’ Convention Briefings Column! This column is intended to provide insight and a look at what is to come at your favorite conventions in the future. The articles contained will be primarily interviews either transcribed in chat, or videoed live with an official convention organizer or staff member. This column will be maintained by the staff as a whole; however, if you feel you have an article worthy of this column, please feel free to email it to


AM2 2011: Convention Organizer Interview10/20/2012Drake
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Cosplay Sensation REIKA set to make her U.S, Debut at Anime Matsuri 201411/03/2013
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Otakon & Aniplex to offer exclusive Sword Art Online Charity Poster08/07/2013
Otakon 20 Announces Todd Haberkorn as a Guest!06/14/2013
Otakon 20 is Proud to Present Chiaki Ishikawa as Sunday’s Opening Act06/14/2013
Otakon 20 to Feature Screenings of Evangelion 3.0 and Live Action Rurouni Kenshin07/24/2013
Otakon 20 to Feature Voice Actors Jād Saxton and Micah Solusod for the Wolf Children Dub Premiere07/17/2013
Otakon 20 to Host Novelist Kaoru Kurosaki06/06/2013
Otakon 20 to Premiere Wolf Children with Mike McFarland06/28/2013
Otakon 20 Welcomes Back Author Roland Kelts07/23/2013
Otakon 20 Welcomes Back Writer Peter S. Beagle07/25/2013
Otakon 20 Welcomes Voice Actor Kyle Hebert06/19/2013
Otakon 2013 News: Otakorp to Host Third Annual Matsuri05/30/2013
Otakon 2013 to Feature Sword Art Online Japanese Industry Members05/22/2013
Otakon 2014 – Solving PreReg Pickup Technical Issues08/08/2014
Otakon 2014 to feature new voices of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask07/22/2014
Otakon 2014 to Host ‘In This Corner of the World’ Art Exhibit07/22/2014
Otakon 2014 to Host Sailor Moon Saturday07/22/2014
Otakon 2014 Welcomes Manga-ka and Character Designer Yusuke Kozaki04/26/2014
Otakon 2014 Welcomes Producer, Director, and Musician Hiroaki Yura04/26/2014
Otakon to Move to Washington DC in 201708/11/2013
Otakon Vegas 2013 to Welcome Richard Epcar10/14/2013
Otakon Vegas 2013 Welcomes Mangaka Nobuhiro Watsuki and Novelist Kaworu Kurosaki11/07/2013
Otakon Vegas 2013 Welcomes Voice Actor Ellyn Stern10/31/2013
Otakon Vegas 2014 Attendee Registration Opens08/06/2013
Otakon Vegas 2014 to Animation Director Masahiro Ando11/25/2013
Otakon Vegas 2014 Welcomes Writer Frederik L. Schodt as Guest10/17/2013
Otakon Vegas 2014: Guest Updates11/25/2013
Otakon Vegas 2014® Announces First Guest: Jason David Frank06/14/2013
Otakon Vegas Welcomes Mary Elizabeth McGlynn11/05/2013
Otakorp, Inc Announces Otakon Vegas for 201402/21/2013
Rooster Teeth Productions to bring RTX to Australia!06/13/2015
RTX 2014 – Second Wave of Programming, Special Guests, and Exhibitors06/25/2014
RTX 2016 – Cosplay Contest Gallery07/08/2016
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Sakura Con 201708/29/2017
Shinichiro Watanabe to Appear at Otakon 2006/28/2013
Takamasa Sakurai to Appear at Otakon 201306/04/2013
Tiger & Bunny Producer Masayuki Ozaki to Appear at Otakon 2007/17/2013
Toku Secrets Podcast: Episode 17 – Design Artist Yasushi Narasawa passes aways at age 5202/05/2016
Yoko Kanno to debut “PIANO ME” concert at Otakon 201305/17/2013
Yoshiki to Perform Sunday Concert at Otakon 201407/22/2014