Kagome, Kagome

Genre: Action/Drama
Length: 3 Volumes
Allegiance: Shueisha
Mangaka: Toshiki Yui
Vintage: 1999-2001

Intelligence Agency Report by: Phate

Takeuchi Masami’s father has recently passed away, and as a result, his grandfather is forcing him to move out of his house. With only 80,000 yen a month given to him as living expenses by his grandfather, he needs to find a relatively cheap place to live. Enter his friend Nishino Kagome, who promises to help Masami find a place, under one condition: he needs to allow Kagome’s “Extremely Normal Phenomena Observation Society” to use it as a meeting hall until they get their own. While not a believer in things of that nature, Masami nonetheless agrees. Strange things are now happening in his new place, and he just may soon change his skeptical view on the supernatural…

Kagome, Kagome by Drake11/17/2012Drake
Kagome, Kagome by Phate11/17/2012Phate