New Orleans , Louisiana, USA.
August 1 – 3, 2014.
Reporter(s): Rizwan Merchant & Lexi Smith

This year, AnmeSecrets was able to attend the annual Cosplay Contest at MechaCon X on Saturday afternoon. Below is a video of the whole show. Disclaimer, we may be missing one or two walk ons, and a skit due to changing batteries and or SD cards during the show.

Cosplay Contest Show


Direct Youtube Links:
- Children’s Division Contest
10 Year Anniversary Skit
- Children’s Award Ceremony
- Walk Ons Part 1
- Walk Ons Part 2
- Skit #1
- Skit #2
Skit #3
Skit #4
Skit #5
Skit #6
- Lolita Fashion Show
- Award Ceremony