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Character Sheets / Minato Tatsumi
« on: April 19, 2012, 07:35:25 AM »
Name: Tatsumi Minato (last name first as always in japan)
Weight: 190
Hair Color:Black
Eyes:Dark Gray
Brief Bio:A quick thinking goggle-head,caring and reliable for his friends protects everyone even if it cost his own life and doesn't care for his safety. Has a strong sense of Justice,but a bit hard headed. He has some Latin and Italian heritage from his mother side and his father is from japan  he comes from Puerto Rico and has a lot of talent with languages and how to make people feel better but under that smile lies sadness and loneliness but thanks to his new experience with becoming a chosen child and with his new friends and his partner he shows he has the courage to go forward towards  a new tomorrow and grab that hope.

Chosen Child

Crest: Courage

Digivice Color:Red and Gray

Digimon Stats:

Attacks:Chiisana Tetsu no Toge (Small Iron Spikes)

Attacks: Metal Straw

Rookie: Ryuudamon
Attacks : Iaijin (Lai Blade)
Kabutogaeshi (Helmet Return)

Champion: Ginryuumon
Attacks : Tekkoujin (Armor-piercing Blade)
Boujinha (Battle Rod Break)

Ultimate: Hisyaryumon
Attacks : Seiryūjin (Form Dragon Blade)
Jūouguruma (Every Direction Wheel)

Mega: Ouryumon
Attacks : Eiseiryūoujin (Eternal Dragon King Blades)
Ougai ( Yellow Armor)

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