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Convention Center / My Anime North Haul
« on: May 29, 2012, 02:06:29 AM »
I had my fill of Anime North, and Canada, so I am heading home, I enjoyed myself but I am tired aching from head to toe, I need a day to recover before school on Monday, my parents won't let me skip two days of school in a row, it was lucky they even let me skip Friday at all.

My Anime North 2012 haul is

My movie and series haul:
Dream Eater Merry complete Series Blu Ray (Signed by Christopher Ayres)
Fullmetal Alchemist The Sacred Star of Milos Blu Ray
Hetalia the Movie: Paint it, White Dvd (Signed by J. Michael Tatum, Monica Rial, and Brina Palencia)
Tsubasa OVA Collection Blu Ray

My Manga haul:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol 1
Durarara vols 1 & 2
Yotsuba&! Vols 9 & 10
D Greyman Vols 19, 20, & 21
Pandora Hearts Vols 7, 8, 9, & 10
Toradora Vols 1, 2, 3, & 4

My Wallscroll haul:
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: http://www.toysnjoys.com/wallscrolls/ge5374.jpg (Got it Signed by Monica Rial)
Soul Eater: http://static.zoovy.com/img/gkworld/W361-H500-Bffffff/G/5319soul.jpg (bought it now because who knows when Maxey Whitehead and Luci Christian are going to be an a Con, since it has Crona and Medusa on it)
Black Butler:
http://media.archonia.com/images/samples/25/01/82501_s0.jpg (Signed by Brina Palencia, and J. Michael Tatum)

http://www.salesmanb2b.com/attachment/product2/1294912198.jpg  (also Signed by J. Michael Tatum, Monica Rial, and Brina Palencia)

Stuff I brought with me Signed:
Summer Wars DVD (Signed by Brina Palencia and J. Michael Tatum)
Evangelion 1.0 Blu ray (Signed by Brina Palencia)
Ouran High Host Club (Signed by J. Michael Tatum)

I think I abused my friends my sister when getting some of these Autographs XD,  but I got them some Pocky as thanks.

Snack haul, and food ate
Almond crunch pocky
Takoyaki (Octopus Balls, not actually balls of an Octopus)
Beef Rice balls

Miscellaneous Haul
Fairy tail Happy Hat (Gift from a friend)

Artistic Development / Avatar Request Thread
« on: April 28, 2012, 01:47:15 AM »
If anyone wants an avatar, and if anyone wants to make it for them including myself, we'll get made.

Just post footage from a video sharing site like Youtube if you want me to make it, tell me from what time index (1:20 to 1:30) and I'll try my best.

I won't make it if the footage is time stamped or subtitled where it isn't easy to crop them out without making it look like crap.

if I can't make it maybe someone else, thats better than I am, I am not convince that I am that good, I did make the one I am using now, and the one Toph uses presently but made that that one while ago.

Agent Lounge / At The Movies
« on: April 27, 2012, 07:55:46 AM »
This is where people can rate out of 4 stars (****) The movies they have recently seen.

The Hunger Games (***1/2) I liked this movie, it was great for what it was, but the rating took a lot of the suspense from this movie, making the situation not as bad as depicted in the books, downplaying injuries was a mistake making it unbelievable that the main characters lives were even at risk, and at points throughout the movie the camera seemed to have ADD, and couldn't figure what angle it should be pointed, and sometimes shook like someone having a seizure, but mainly before said hunger games where it would make sense.   

Wrath of the Titans (**1/2) This was way better than the first movie, and the 3D was used more effectively, but still suffered from lack of character development for most new characters that were supposed to be important to the movies, except that of Ares.

Anime Research Laboratory / Top 11 Favorite Anime Series
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:32:08 AM »
1. Fairy Tail
2. Kamichu!
3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
4. Heaven's Lost Property
5. Tsubasa Chronicles
6.  Baka and Test
7. Squid Girl
8. Rozen Maiden
9. Blassreiter
10. Darker than Black
11. Ah My Goddess

Recreational Center / What is the Avatar above you thinking...
« on: April 22, 2012, 09:32:43 PM »
basically simple game, just comment on the avatar of the person above you...make a funny comment


I would say

Ahhhhhhhh Tardis go down the hole!

Character Sheets / Reiko Kamiya
« on: April 22, 2012, 03:19:30 AM »
Name: Reiko Kamiya
Age: 14
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair Color: Light Cyan
Eyes: Golden
Brief Bio: She likes to daydream a lot which makes her a little hyper, which makes at first seem Aloof, she also has a habit of making up words, or changing the meaning of the actual words to suit what she is talking about even though it doesn’t make sense to do so and ignores people who try to correct her.  Doing this unintentionally making herself look pretentious and arrogant when she doesn’t mean to do so, when she is very much a people person my nature. she's Tai and Kari's younger cousin, who recently got a digimon partner, but is unsuccessful in digivolving.

Chosen Child Type: Chosen Child
Digivice Color: Purple
Crest: Light

Digimon Stats:

Fresh: YukimiBotamon
Attacks: Diamond Dust: Spits out a breath of freezing cold air.

In-Training: Moonmon
Attacks: Dark Burst (ヤミバースト Yami Burst?): A ball of dark energy fired against the opponent.

Rookie: Lunamon
Attacks: Lunar Claw: Scratches with claws filled with the power of darkness.
Tear Shot: Concentrates power in its forehead antenna, then fires a ball of water at the opponent.
Lop-ear Ripple: Spins many times with its ears, generating a vortex of bubbles which entraps the opponent.

Champion: Lekismon
Moon Night Bomb: Throws a water bubble created by her Moon Gloves at the enemy. It can cause the enemy to fall asleep.
Tear Arrow: Shoots the enemy with a pretty ice arrow from the stickup on her back.
Moon Night Kick: Jumps up high and comes down quickly to give a strong kick.

Ultimate: Crescemon
Lunatic Dance: Uses steps like dancing to delude the enemy, then uses her weapon Nuova Luna to rapidly slash.
Ice Archery: Change the Nuova Luna into bowgun form and releases ice arrows.
Dark Archery: Change the Nuova Luna into bowgun form and releases arrows of dark energy.

Mega: Dianamon
Crescent Harken (Deu: "Crescent Hook"): Bewitches the opponent with the mysterious power of the moon, so that they see themselves as their own opponent and immediately tear themselves to pieces.
Arrow of Artemis: Pulls a faintly sparkling arrow of ice from the quill-like protrusions on its back, then fires it.
Goodnight Moon: Lures the opponent into sleep with the lunar light shining from the "Goodnight Sisters" on its legs.

Gaming Center / Top 11 Ipod Touch games
« on: April 21, 2012, 09:17:53 AM »
1.  Pizza Vs Skeletons
2. BattleHeart
3.  Shark Dash
4. Jetpack Joyride
5. Angry Birds Space
6. Infinity Blade
7.Iblast Moki 2
8. Meow Meow Happy Fight
9. Off The Leash
10. Run Roo Run
11. Fancypants

Artistic Development / Digimon Sync The Movie: Chronicle of Dreams
« on: April 21, 2012, 12:27:14 AM »
Figures in dark green Cloaks, their dark sinew tense as they all grip tightly to crystal staves, and chanting in a weird language, a strange object appeared in their chanting, on its glass front was a pattern of random colors, and from it the sound of white noise, then it explodes in a spray of sparks.

One of the figures pulls back his hood “The holder of dreams, the one that traveled to the underworld, and back, we need to find her, before anyone else does” he ran his hand through his black, he grinned as he evaporated in to what seemed to be mist, followed by the rest of the cloaked figures.

Digimon Sync The Movie: Chronicle of Dreams

It was a field of red flower, their petals fluttering in a breeze, through these flowers was a wavy path, a boy was traveling down it, he was wearing goggles and dark blue attire “I hope I haven’t gotten lost” he said to himself, he looked at his digivice, the boy looked like he hadn’t slept in days, he suddenly realized the ground looked like it was digitized.

He walks on the ground that looked weird, and touching his hand to it, his hand just passed through it like it wasn’t there “I am investigating this” he followed the digitized ground, till he found a weird sparking object, and in front of it was an unconscious girl in a strange pink and yellow attire, the ground she was on was a strange symbol, it wasn’t anything he had ever seen before, but vaguely familiar, he checked if she was alive, she was fine.

The girl opened her eyes “Tai?” She mumbled, and blinked as her vision cleared “Definitely not Tai, who are you, and where am I”

“I am Takajin Subaru, this my digimon partner Coronamon and where you are, is the Crimson Valley from what it says on the map ” said Takajin. “Who may you be?”

“I am Kari Kamiya, Am I in the digital world” asked Kari looking at the Takajin’s digimon, “it doesn’t seem the same as a remembered it?” Trying to think of how she got here, she was heading to school than she was here, and how did the digital world change so much in over a year.

“What is this Digital world, you are talking about this is earth, are you from another world, I heard other worlds existed, but only in fairy tales, your attire makes you seem like you came from another planet, you are cute for an alien girl” said Takajin his face reddening slightly.

Kari laughed “you so remind of someone I know, from my world, I like to know your earth more. I would stay here forever, but I would miss my friends too much, she noticed that Takajin’s expression, and looked like he was about to cry, “is there something wrong, did I say something I shouldn’t have?’

“Absolutely nothing, I was just thinking. I am going to help you find your way home back in your world, and back to your friends, but till then enjoy the scenery” said Takajin snapping out of the funk, he sank into for a moment “But be careful there are people called the Kurokami Brigade, they worship an evil celestial called Lilithmon, I’ll protect you from them, I have faced them on a few occasions” he struggled with his words, he looked around like he felt something.

Suddenly coming out of the shadows, these creatures seemingly made from the shadows itself; it made a screeching noise as it came into the light, as the light seemed to make it angry, it now had eyes, it charged at Kari. Coronamon came out of nowhere, knocking the creature away, and engaged in battle with it, Takajin joined into the fray with his digimon, they both fought the creature in tandem, until they were finally driven off.

Kari had felt like she had seen those things before and that the memory of them ran chills down her spine, it was a memory she repressed, she relaxed as soon as the creatures were gone, she looked and spotted her digimon partner Salamon, she lay unconscious a few feet from her, she ran over to check if she was ok, Salamon was fine only sleeping, she can tell from the snoring. Kari looked up at the sky wondering suddenly again why those creatures had felt so familiar to her like she had encountered them before.

Morning came and they were on their way, Kari looked around “Where are we going I hate to ask” she said looking over to Takajin.

“The city of Elric is nearby; we are heading there for some help, at least according to the map, we will reach its border in about a mile and a half, he kept sneaking glimpses at the device hoping to spot signs of another chip, but she wasn’t registering Kari on it now, he wondered if the Digi chip detector was broken.

“You are saying that everyone has a digimon partner from birth, I wish my world was like that, it’s always been my dream” said Kari is looking around at the wild digimon as they traveled.

“That’s not always the case, there are wild digimon as you can see, there are people without digimon partners that are called cursed ones, and in rare cases there are some who have at birth merged with their digimon, those are called hybrids” said Takajin putting the Digi chip detector in his pocket, his annoyance very apparent.

-Location unknown-

The shadow creatures materialized into cloaked figures, their faces shrouded under their hoods, one of them kicked a tree and screamed in agony “master is not going to be happy” he said to the other, who nodded in response, “that little thief, stealing what our master needs” he replied as he did this.

All of a sudden the light faded from the world, it was like the sun was giving off darkness instead of light, another figure stood there with them, he rubbed the sides of his head like he was suffering a major headache, he trembled with pain with each word as he spoke “did you get her?” He said, his voice cracking with each word.

One of the cloaked sinewy figures shook nervously as the other stepped back, he seemingly lost cohesion the more nervous he became “no we didn’t Master someone protected her, he was too strong for us to handle” he said with a quiver in his voice.

“Some Digidestined are here too, I guess all worlds have them, how many other than her and the one that attacked did you see” he said pulling his hood from his face, he was middle aged in appearance, with graying brown hair, his face was cracked and dry almost plastic in complexion.

“I only saw one, he was close to the same age as her, he had blue hair with a slight tinge of green, and He wore goggles” said the cloaked trying not to shake more than he was.

“One, you are pathetic, go back kill him, and bring her to me alive, if you kill her that crest aka Digi Chip will find a new digidestined. We do not want that, it could take forever and time I don’t have.” He then faded from the world like a shadow leaving the two cloaked figures alone, still shaking like he was still there, and as the light returned to the world they were gone too. To continue their quest to get their master the girl he seeks.

(Road to Elric city)

It was starting to get dark, the sun was falling, and the moon was beginning to appear in the sky, Takajin decided it was a good idea to make camp for the night. He noticed that Kari was starting to look rather tired, even though he could have kept going since he had stopped sleeping almost altogether, he was afraid the faces of his missing friends still haunted him in his dreams, more like nightmares, they all called to him like they were in trouble, and his best friend, the one he needed to find a way to make her back to the way she was, he tried not to think of their names they would rip apart his very insides. “I’ll have first watch” he lied to Kari with no intention of waking her up and he would stay on watch all night.

Coronamon stared at Takajin with a worried expression, wondering if his human partner was walking on the edge of an abyss “you need to sleep” he said “you can’t help anyone if you continue down the path you are walking”

“I know I just can’t sleep my friends’ their faces, whenever I close my eyes they haunt my dreams. Please I don’t want to talk about this” said Takajin nearly closing his eyes, but slapping himself awake.

“I know but one of them is your sister, why are you guiding this person when you should be looking for her instead?” Said Coronamon shaking his head looking at Takajin confused.

“You forgot we are Digidestined and we are supposed to help those in need, did you forget those things that attacked Kari, we need to find a way to send her back to where she came from before those things come back for her again” Takajin replied emphasizing with the rapid waving of his right hand. Coronamon just grunted, and turned away from Takajin without a word showing he agreed but didn’t like it. Out of the corner of Takajin’s he caught movement, one of those shadow things came out of nowhere tackling him and attempted to pin him to the ground.

Coronamon hit the thing with a fireball, the thing shrieked at the flame hit it, and it jumped off Takajin, but it was only a distraction the other was trying to drag off Kari, she kicked at it while it was attempting to take her away. Salamon was now on top of it biting clawing, before she was knocked away, she growled and jumped back on it, with the same thing happening, only to return to try again. The second figure was also hit with a fireball fireball from Coronamon; the things retreated again like they had before. Salamon breathed heavily “Come back you cowards” she growled.
It was a while before either of them could settle after that sudden attack, Kari finally got back to sleep, and Takajin went back to watch for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Kari woke to find Takajin still awake, she was starting to get worried about him, was something about his friends haunting him so badly that he couldn’t sleep. Soon as they were safe she would bring this up, Salamon, knowing her partner so well to know what she was presently thinking, but Kari interrupted her before she could speak.

The boy and the girl, and their digimon partners continued their journey towards Elric; it was another day’s walk before they reached their destination, after ten minutes a wagon appeared, coming up from behind them, it caught up quickly to them, and stopped up ahead of them like it was waiting for them, a voice called out to them. Takajin smiled “Wilhelm” he called out and went to the wagon. A kindly old man with a large white beard, he had a warm smile on his face.

“Where are you going Takajin and with an enchanting young lady?” asked Wilhelm as he takes a measure of Kari, his expression never changed as he did so.

Both Kari and Takajin gave a slight blush reaction to what Wilhelm just said “We are heading to Elric, to find a way to send her home” said Takajin gesturing to Kari, who was still blushing slightly. “Kari this is Wilhelm, me and my friends use to travel with him” he continued but had trouble bringing up the past.

“You are in luck, I am heading there myself, I am bringing supplies for their yearly Festival, and I am heading there right now, I don’t mind if you hitch a ride with me” said Wilhelm offering his hand in a gesture to help them on to the wagon. With the help of Wilhelm the journey would not take a day but hours instead, but unbeknownst to them the shadow creatures that had attacked them twice, were now watching them from the concealment of the trees.

The master will be angry if we don’t bring her back, he expects it, why did we have to tell him about her, but he is our master, I miss water” said one of the shadow creatures, his form still shifting because of fear, and confusion “But we have to tell him anyway he is our master, we still haven’t captured the chosen girl” they both then vanished.

Kari took pictures as they traveled, and waved at people as they moved by them, she even snapped one of a confused Takajin “you don’t have cameras in your world” she said showing her camera to him

“What is a camera?” Said Takajin looking at Kari’s camera like it was some sort of alien device to him.

Kari laughed, and showed him the display screen on the back of the camera, and clicked through all the photos she had been taking, “it takes still pictures of things, so I can look back at my time here”

“Interesting looking device” said Takajin looking at the picture in the display, trying not to seem confused still but completely failing. “There is technology in this world but I have never seen anything like this” he then pulled out a device out of his satchel, it looked like tablet computer, with a red blinking light “someone gave this to me when I woke up, they told me that it will tell me where to find something so I have lost but I think it’s broken since it’s been showing nothing” anger was making its way into his tone of voice and he looked like he was going to throw the device away, he kept out the part out about Digi-chips, and the fact it detects them.

“You must never give up” Kari said placing her left hand on Takajin’s shoulder “No matter what happens, you will find your friends”

“It’s easy for you to say that, you know your friends are alive, for all I know mine are all dead and maybe I am too, this being some kind of afterlife” Said Takajin shoving Kari’s hand away, he didn’t want to listen to someone he barely knew him telling him how to feel, it wasn’t her place at all, he will find a way to send her home and that was it, he turned away from Kari and headed into the wagon.

“That didn’t go well” said Kari sighing, as she watched Takajin leave.

“I don’t know what happened after I left them, it must have been bad for him to by himself, by the way how did you two meet, are you one of them a digidestined?” Said Wilhelm expression furrowing, even though he didn’t take his eyes off the road.

Kari pulled out her digivice and crest, the crests was now blank, and her digivice was white like it had been made out plaster and not actually a device of any kind but a toy. “I don’t know I was on my way to school, and then all of a sudden I was in a field, this is not my world” she said running fingers over her digivice it was Ceramic “I don’t know if I am a digidestined here but I was in my world”

“You are from another world huh, I heard stories about these kinds of things, and believe them fully, I hope you can find your way home to which ever world you came from” said Wilhelm giving a thumbs up sign to Kari, “my advice when dealing with Takajin in his present mood. I would avoid talking about his missing companions it’s a sensitive subject with him right now, he will talk about them when he feels ready”

Kari lowered her gaze to the scenery; she was kind of embarrassed, she was usually better at minding her own business, but often she did stick her nose into her friends issues, this thought made her homesick for japan, even with how amazing this world was and how this was the world she always dreamed of, she wished her friends had been here with her to see all of this.

“My niece will be at the festival, she is a gleeman, I am so proud of her, and she has the heart of a poet, and the voice of a celestial” Wilhelm said changing the subject, hoping to Segway into something less sensitive.

“What is a Gleeman?” Kari asked confused by the word she never heard before, blinking trying to think of what that could be.

“A Gleeman is a traveling mistrals, they sing, tell stories, and juggle, she is a second generation, my wife and her brother was one, my wife retired when she married me, but my brother continued before passing it on to his daughter, stories of the digidestined of legend are still popular to this day” answered Wilhelm smiling fondly “maybe you will make it in time for one of her tales of the Digidestined, she is really good at telling them you feel like you are there when it happened. She gets that from her father, as he was the best of his time I miss him he died 5 years ago”

Kari was going to respond but something caught her attention, all the color leached from the world, she now sat in colorless water, as she now sat looking into a vast ocean, she knew where she was, she began to freak out, she closed her eyes hoping this dark ocean would fade like a bad dream. But when she opened her eyes she was still there, it threatened to carry away her sanity like times before, a figure stood in front of her, his hand reached toward her, he was getting closer, she screamed holding her head with both hands, she wanted this to all go away.

Artistic Development / Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
« on: April 21, 2012, 12:08:18 AM »
You truly don't know your destiny, the one that seeks you out when you least expect it, and changes everything you know. It's an elegant truth in existence, or it's just fate.

The wind blew across the barren waste, the dead and haunted forest, where the darkness seemed to envelope all. The boy ran for his life. On his shoulder was a thing that looked like a green dragon; it was freaked out as he was because something was chasing them. They kept running till they ended up on a cliff. The boy turned, deciding to face the one that had been chasing them.

"Hand it over boy," a gravelly, growling voice came out of the shadows. The force of that voice shook a nearby tree. It suddenly stepped out of the shadow, its dark fur shinning as it reflected the moon. It over dwarfed the boy that stood in front of it by a few feet, and looked menacingly down at him. It looked like some sort of man wolf.

"ShadowWereGarurumon, I'd rather die," The boy spat, glaring at the wolf man. But he was obviously scared, his hand shaking, and the creature on his shoulder was also shaking, as he looked at the claws of monster that was coming towards them.

"That can be arranged," said ShadowWereGarurumon, "you have taken something that doesn't belong to you, and death is the sentence for that crime. So I could just kill you now, or kill that Babydmon and you would die too. It's up to you boy"

"I choose death," said the boy bravely as he pulled two things out of his pocket. He held them up high. One was what looked like an MP3 player and the other thing he had looked like a computer chip. He then wiped the sweat from his brow, and out of his spiky hair.

He placed the chip into the other device as he called out, "Digi synchronization, hope chip activation!"

Now both he and creature that ShadowWereGarurumon called Babydmon were encased in huge spheres of light. When the spheres vanished Babydmon was something else. It had become a blue dragon thing, and it and the boy were dressed in the same attire. They then charged at ShadowWereGarurumon.

Digimon Sync Episode 1 "Beginnings part 1"

Edited by a friend

"Digitopia, the most peaceful kingdom is a place of legends and heroes. We are protected from evil by the great shield. It protects us all from the shadows that have tried for years to destroy us," speaking was a massive man. Playing with his curly mustache, he stood at least 7 feet tall, and muscles rippled through the robes he wore. His skin was like a bronze color. He suddenly stopped talking when he heard someone snoring in the room. He let out a sigh and walked over to one of desks where a little child with green goggles was sitting. A puddle of drool had started to form beside his face, despite him looking like he was reading his book. The teacher slowly picked the book up and the kid immediately slumped against the desk, as he was actually using the book as support. He mumbled something unintelligible and started to snore again. Irritated, the man slammed the book hard onto the desk, cracking the top of it.

"I am awake, mommy!" The boy jumped up in a panic as he launched himself backwards into his chair, knocking it over. Embarrassed, he stood, picked up his chair, and sat back in it. He then fixed his goggles as the rest of the class laughed, or sighed.

"Sleeping again during the history of Digitopia… Just because you are royalty doesn't mean you can slack off in my class, Takajin. And where is that digimon partner of yours gone off to? I don't see Sunmon anywhere. I hope he isn't up to his usual mischief making," the teacher told him.

"I don't know Mr. Sagisa," responded Takajin.

"I hope he doesn't get me in trouble again! Everyone knows already I have no control over him what –so-ever. He is as wild as fire, which is his element," Takajin nervously thought.

A cat-looking digimon suddenly enters the room carrying what appeared to be a red ball with spikes, and a small flame emitting from its head. The cat dropped off the ball in front of Mr. Sagisa. "Caught this one Vandalizing the sacred garden," it hissed loudly, spreading its claws in a threatening manner.

"Good job, Liollmon," said Mr. Sagisa lovingly, petting the cat digimon with his massive hands, pretty much enveloping the thing's head. He then turned to Takajin sighing in a tired manner, "Can you control your digimon at all? You need to discipline the little nuisance before it gets both of you killed! I wish you were more like your older sister Hikaru and her digimon partner Moonmon. I now have to have another meeting with your parents, and you're getting detention."

"Again," groaned Takajin, letting out a deep sigh.

At that moment the bell rang. Everyone left except Takajin, who was forced stay behind, and Mr. Sagisa. Takajin has been receiving detention every day since the beginning of the month; Sunmon for some reason has been more out of control lately.

-Digitopia palace-

A girl sneezed, causing the bangs of her light blue hair to flutter forward into her face and her purple goggles. She had the most magnificent purple eyes and her complexion was that of snow. She gave a little smile, "I guess someone was talking about me again or I am catching a cold!"

She closed the book she had been reading. Her digimon partner was sitting at her side. It looked like a rain drop with eyes. The digimon smiled blissfully at the girl when it noticed its human partner was watching her.

"What is it Hikaru," Moonmon spoke in a soothing tone, appraising its human partner carefully.

"Nothing, I kind of just sneezed. This usually means my little Takajin is in trouble once again, and they mentioned my name to him like usual," Hikaru said. She looked very upset, despite the fact she was trying very hard not to look that way. "I wish they would stop picking on him because of Sunmon, it's not Takajin's fault," she muttered sadly.

"Sunmon is a trouble maker and will always be one," said Moonmon, her face drooping with a sigh. But she then smiled when her human partner said, "Hopefully he will mature when he Digivolves!"

"Sure, when Hogmon learns how to fly," joked Moonmon in response.

In the distance, not too far away, a pig looking creature falls outside of the window to Hikaru's room. Following it was the sound of a boy calling out, "Hogmon, you know you can't fly!" Then there was another sound of something crashing, something that sounded like glass breaking, and lastly a scream of pain.

"Oh crap! I need to pick up some things at the flea market," said Hikaru picking up her purse and Moonmon, despite her loud protests that she could walk without Hikaru's help.

The school bell rang and Takajin ran out the front with the other students. Before he could be on his way home, a thick-set boy wearing a green bandana stopped him. The boy had a bird digimon on his shoulder.

"Taka… Come on you said you would show me?" he asked in a whiny voice. The boy had a deep sunburn, like he had been out in the sun all day but could never get seriously burned at all.

"Oh Right, the field stone; I did promise to show that to you, Rao," said Takajin, remembering. He looked around quickly, hoping no one heard him, and gestured to boy to follow him.

On the way to the field stone they passed sacred garden, and saw a huge burn marks on the lawn of the temple of the garden.

"Sunmon was here" Takajin sighed shaking his head, as he read the burn marks out loud. He then glared at Sunmon, who looked very proud of his actions and didn't seem to be paying attention to the angry expression the boy was giving him.

"Taka, is this why you got in trouble? You have an interesting partner," Rao chuckled, stroking his digimon partner's back he continued, "I'm glad Biyomon isn't like your partner. I hope yours Digivolves soon, so he can behave."

They passed the sacred garden and it's glorious, vestige, purple flowers. They came across what appeared to be a hedge maze. Rao and Takajin entered it, taking a few right turns, and a few lefts, until they reached a sudden dead end. The wall bore the crest of the royal family, which appeared to be a bear wearing golden crown. Takajin walked up to it, placing his hand directly on top the crown. A passageway opened up in front of him. After walking through it, they had now reached what looked like a graveyard, but every single gravestone was blank. They both entered and Takajin looked around till he found the one with a strange looking bear on it. He pressed down on it and an enormous glowing wall came out of the ground. It bore the same symbol as the gravestone. "This is the field stone, and as you know, it powers the shield around the city," he explained, turning to face Rao.

"Wow, that's so cool Taka! And the royal family protects this thing? How does it put a shield around Digitopia?" Rao asked, taking a picture of it with his digivice. But before he could hear the answers, he looked at his watch. He started to run for the exit. "Sorry! I got to go! I have some chores to do!" he yelled out as he left, leaving Takajin alone.

Takajin felt it again, the same feeling he got every time he was near this stone. He felt he was supposed to touch it. There was a strong sense of it belonging to him. Whenever he was near it there was a weird feeling in his heart. Slowly he started to reach out towards the stone, but something startled him. He thought someone was standing right behind him, but when he turned around the person was gone. He turned his attention to Sunmon, who was so bored that he had began spitting fire at one of the blank gravestones.

"Why do I put up with you? You're always getting me in trouble!" He growled at Sunmon.

"Takajin… What are you doing?" asked a calm, yet firm, voice that came from behind Takajin. Suddenly strong hands were placed firmly on his shoulders.

Takajin turned to face the origin of the voice, and the person who had snuck up on him. It was a bearded man with a kind gentle face, who was wearing a lavender cloak, and a silver crown. "Dad!" Takajin shouted happily, embracing the man. "You scared me," he said, but now appeared nervous, knowing from the way his dad was looking at him that he was probably in big trouble.

"Why did you bring your friend here, when I have repeatedly told you that no one but the royal family should know about the field stone? It's the only thing that protects us all from danger. Right now your friend is being spoken to about this and will be sworn to silence. Hopefully he knows to keep quiet about such matters," the king reprimanded his son.

"I am sorry dad. But I accidentally mentioned it to my friend, and then he proceeded to bug the heck out of me till I broke down and promised to show him! It will never happen again," explained Takajin, guiltily looking down at the ground, trying not to glance at his dad's face. He didn't want to see the faces of disappointment anymore.

His dad sighed, his attitude mirrored by the digimon that stood beside him, who hadn't been noticed by Takajin until now. "Come, sit with me. I'd like to explain things better and tell you more," he said sitting down.

Takajin followed promptly, and sat down beside his dad. He had an expression of impending boredom already planted across his face, ready to hear another history lesson, even though he wasn't at school.

"Do you think it is wise to tell him this, Zephirim" the digimon spoke up, interrupting Takajin's dad before he could speak.

"It's about time my son learns about his heritage, Grizzlymon. This is something he needs to know. It may save his life someday," said Zephirim smiling, causing his face to crease and his eyes to close. "As you already know, the field stone protects the city. It in fact contains a very special artifact, a link to the heritage of our family that was once wielded to make a miracle happen over a thousand years ago. What it exactly did was lost and forgotten till recently. We found ruins and hieroglyphs, that when translated, read: together we are strong, and love will fuse us together. Basically, it's suggesting that maybe this stone could lead to a new human link with a digimon that no one could have ever imagined before. That's why the field stone should not be shown to anyone outside of the royal family," he finished explaining to his son.

Takajin stood up and he bowed to his father. "I understand now, and I won't let it happen again," he said in earnest, just wanting to get out of there without another lecture or history lesson. He turned to leave.

"Good, I don't want to have to punish you if it happens again. I'll let you off with a warning this time. But next time you will spend a whole week cleaning each one of these gravestones…and give Grizzlymon a bath," warned Zephirim, adding the last part as a joke.

In the market Hikaru walked from stall to stall looking for fresh produce, admiring the wares of some. A hook nosed woman in rags showed her a lovely necklace, but Hikaru decided not to get it now. She was in a hurry and needed to get everything to be able to bake a cake for school for the fundraiser. After twenty minutes she had everything and was heading out of the market, when suddenly someone grabbed her. They started pulling her towards them. In a matter of moments she was facing them. A young girl spoke to her, her voice very urgent. "Take this!" she said palming something into Hikaru's hand, and then ran off, before she could react.

"That was really strange," said Hikaru slowly, and then looked down at the thing that had been given to her. It looked like some sort of music device, and tied to it was something that looked like a chip. The chip resembled one of those you stick in a computer, similar to the thing she used as a dairy. Shrugging, she pocketed them, and then headed home.

She was half way home, when randomly a boy stumbled out of nowhere, and passed out right in front of her. He was covered head to toe with mud, and so was his dragon digimon, which was sprawled on the ground beside him. Sadly, it was in a more serious condition then its master.

Hikaru ran up to boy, and first checked his pulse then on how bad his condition was. She helped him to his feet, letting him lean against her like a wounded soldier. She would help him to her home, where she would call a doctor. She picked up the boy's digimon and carried it on her other shoulder.

A woman in a green shirt and yellow pants was talking to a girl in a purple shirt and black mini skirt. They were standing in front of the house when Hikaru arrived. The other girl caught sight of them as they got close enough. She hurried over to help Hikaru with getting the boy inside. "Mom!" Hikaru called out, and the woman, who had been talking to the other girl, came rushing in with a medical kit.

"Where did this boy come from?" asked Hikaru's mom. Her digimon partner, that appeared to be Mikemon, came quickly from the other room. They were both calm despite the tension that appeared on both of their facial expressions. The mother had the same pale complexion as her daughter, Hikaru.

"He stumbled out of nowhere mom. I was walking home when it happened. I decided to bring him here, and then call for a doctor. He seemed like he's in very bad shape. I don't know what did this to him or where he even came from. He doesn't look like he's from anywhere around here," said Hikaru, trying to stay calm, "and thanks for the help Juniko." She quickly turned to the other girl and smiled nervously.

"It's no problem! I was here looking for Takajin. He was supposed to help me with a school project. I think he forgot, like he usually does," said Juniko. She then gazed down at the boy, "He is kind of cute. Too bad I'm not a little older. Being eleven years old is kind of a bummer, when most of the cute guys are older than you… Sorry I am rambling on, and keeping your attention away from him," she chuckled sheepishly, began to back away slowly and left.

Hikaru eased the boy onto the couch and placed a pillow under his head, while her mom positioned a warmed compress on to his head. This boy had obviously been through the ringer, and so had his digimon. Her mom placed it on the stair across from them, and was now gently tending to it.

-To be continued-

Who is this boy, and where did he come from? To answer these questions, and more, please tune into the next Digimon digital monsters!

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