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 on: October 16, 2014, 04:21:14 PM 
Started by Coffy - Last post by KunoichiFox
just me being random as usual XD

 on: October 16, 2014, 01:34:59 PM 
Started by Hikari - Last post by Jing
We can only settle it one way

 on: October 16, 2014, 01:34:45 PM 
Started by Mika - Last post by Mika

Elsa quickly nodded her head at the maid.

"Thank you. You may be dismissed," Elsa stated, as she turned her head towards the table.

Hearing the footsteps of the maid diminish, Elsa looked at the blue roses. Her right eyebrow slightly arched. How strange...Secret admirer? Elsa felt her face blush. I thought I was still a monster...

She cautiously picked up the card with her right hand, and became fixated on the writing. Thinking of you, my Queen...Well, that is sweet. Elsa exhaled, a smile appeared on her face, and she shook her head. I am being too cautious. It's just a sweet gift. Things are changing. She set the card back on the table. Studying the roses once again, Elsa's smile grew.

"What a lovely colour for roses!" She exclaimed. I am sure Anna would love to see this.

Elsa hastily grabbed a single rose by the stem. She felt heat. Her hands began to burn, her hands became a dark red, her skin beginning to boil, her hands cramped. Sweat formed on Elsa's forehead, her breathing quickened. She had never felt such pain in her life. She was stunned. Elsa quickly looked around the entrance hall.

"Help, maid, help!" Elsa barely screeched out, before falling to the floor. She was motionless, helpless. As she heard the footsteps of her main running in, she closed her eyes.


A few hours later, she woke up in her bedroom. Immediately, Elsa looked at her hands. They were wrapped in bandages. Elsa attempted to bend her right finger. She felt the skin ripping at the slightest bend of her finger. This can't be...

She sat up, and examined her room. The maid had left it in a bit of a mess. Her armoire was open, bandages spilling out of it. Her waste basket was filled with red stained gauze. Elsa's door opened, and the maid hurriedly ran over to Elsa's bedside.

"Queen- are you feeling better? Are you hands still hurting? Is there anything I can do? I was so worried when yo-"

"I am fine. Thank you for helping me." Elsa cut off the maid, with a reassuring smile.

Elsa's smile disappeared almost instantaneously, cleared her throat and calmly stated, "Do not tell Anna about this small incident. I need you to bring me my pre-coronation gloves, the blue roses in a vase and...I need to write a letter, so bring parchment and a pen. I am entrusting you to write it for me."

The maid nodded, left the room again, and moments later came back with all the supplies. The maid set the roses on her night table, put Elsa's coronation gloves on the bed, pulled up a chair and sat in a ready to write position holding the parchment and pen in her hand.

"Queen...Who are you writing to?" The maid hesitantly asked Elsa.

Elsa did not respond for a moment, her eyes stared at the roses.

"We are going to write to King Mickey. Ready?"

Milo heard gentle footsteps approach the bench. He slowly turned his head towards the incoming noise. Lifting his head, he sat up properly. His eyes fixated on the girl. You look familiar...Almost like the girl in my drea-

Milo dismissed the thought immediately. A small grin appeared on Milo's face. His turned his head back to the sky. Then, a tiny white speck floated in the sky, following the slight breeze. A tiny snowflake. Milo's eyes followed it dance in the wind until landing on the ground nearby, melting the moment it touched the ground. It's only October. Isn't a little early for that?

Looking back the sky, Milo focused on two bright stars. The stars contrasted with the deep blue, almost black night sky. They outshone any other stars present.

Milo noticed he had not introduced himself to this girl, nor said anything of consequence. 

Without thinking, Milo stated out loud, directed at the girl,

"People say if you travel to the second star on the right, there is a world," with a slight chuckle. Milo's right hand pointed towards said star, then lowered back to his side. Milo immediately regretted what he said.

She will probably think I'm a bit odd now. Note to self, remember that a normal greeting consists of name exchanges and a hello at least.

Interrupting his internal debate, the breeze picked up to a cold wind, causing Milo to cross his arms and tighten his light parka jacket. The jazz of the coffee shop became crystal clear in the air. The clock tower in the city began chiming in the distance. Why is it so cold?

 on: October 16, 2014, 01:31:55 PM 
Started by Mika - Last post by Jing

Raleigh began walking towards the traverse town library, smiling to himself

"Never thought I'd see a talking lion" Raleigh thought to himself as he kept tossing a crown up in the air and catching it repeatedly " This is going to look so awesome in my collection" Raleigh often goes to the Traverse Town library to get an idea of what world he should stop by next, as a treasure hunter Raleigh is always awaiting his next stop.

"I do wonder why it is a bit chillier than normal" Raleigh remarked as the cold autumn wind send chills throughout his body "Maybe I should acquire some sort of coat next time"

 on: October 16, 2014, 12:58:44 PM 
Started by Hikari - Last post by IffyPanther

 on: October 16, 2014, 12:53:57 PM 
Started by Drake - Last post by Drake
aka "kick iffy's butt at smash night" xDD
Nah yall will probably gang up on me first  ;D

 on: October 16, 2014, 12:49:11 PM 
Started by Jing - Last post by Jing
Name: Raleigh

Age: 22

Home world: Traverse Town

Blood Type: 0

Height: 5'9

Appearance (may include picture):

Personality: A very laid back treasure hunter who ventures through the world in search of a treasure. Although he is calm, if one mistakenly calls him a thief instead of a treasure hunter he can lose his temper a bit. He can be a bit forgetful though this may be because at his youth he suffered a severe case of amnesia. During fights he prefers to play more defensively relying on the usage of the environment and outwit his opponents, he also chooses not to engage head on against any enemy preferring to leave the scene with as little trouble as possible.

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Keyblade Wielder? (y/n):y, base Keyblade though its only used when creating smokescreens for his getaways

Weapons: Twin Daggers, Base Keyblade

Abilities: Can pilot a gummy ship, able to sneak around heavily guarded areas

Magic? (y/n):Y

Magical abilities:Able to create smokescreens, and can heal himself with Cure

Any special skills: Besides Treasure retrieving nothing of note

 on: October 16, 2014, 12:27:07 PM 
Started by Hikari - Last post by Jing

 on: October 16, 2014, 12:24:10 PM 
Started by Azure Kite - Last post by Jing

Z- Zoids New century Zero

ALL MY AGREE!! hahaha Love my Ligerzero! <33

Liger Zero is best zoid

 on: October 16, 2014, 12:07:30 PM 
Started by Azure Kite - Last post by IffyPanther

Z- Zoids New century Zero

ALL MY AGREE!! hahaha Love my Ligerzero! <33

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