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Author Topic: Rules and Regulations  (Read 715 times)


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Rules and Regulations
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:54:11 AM »

1.) Do not flame other members

2.) Do not Spam

3.) Don't curse or swear excessively

4.) Respect other users and their opinions *ammended Oct 14th, 2007*

5.) No posting of links to or information on how to download copyrighted material. This includes fansubs, game ROMS, and copyrighted MP3s.

6.) Please watch this video before you start posting

7.) Signatures should not exceed 500x200 in pixels and be below 300 kb.

8.) Avatars can be chosen from the avatar gallery which is accessed through the profile link above, or upload your own avatar with dimensions 120x120 at most, and 244 kb space.

9.) The Recreation and New Recruits forums will not contribute to the post count.

10.) No discussion of adult topics, that are sexual in nature, ie graphic discussions of sex. Do not confuse that with discussing issues such as teen sex.

11.) Please consult the FAQ before asking a question. (

12.) Have Fun!

Addendum to Rules (September 23rd, 2008): In the event of a user breaking any rule on the site, please do not play the role of vigilante, but instead PM a moderator or staff member of AS, and we will take care of it. Remember reacting to rule breakers only worsens matters, and may result in you being punished as well.
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