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Author Topic: Frank  (Read 432 times)


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« on: April 19, 2012, 07:32:19 AM »

Name: Frank
Age: 19
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Brief Bio: Years ago, Frank watched both of his parents murdered by Kurata. Since that day he's lived on his streets alone. At the age of 17 he found a portal leading into the Digital World where he ran into his one friend, Dracomon. Since then they've had an unbreakable bond. Eventually he runs into Marucs Daimon who sends him back into the real world to join DATS. Serving for a year he become one of DATS highest ranking members.

Chosen Child Type: DATs

Digivice Color: Light Blue

Digimon Stats: Dracomon, Baby Flame, Tail Smash, G Shurunen


In-Training: Babydmon

Rookie: Dracomon
Attacks: Baby Flame, Tail Smash, G Shurunen

Champion: Coredramon (Blue)
Attacks: Blue Flare Breath, Strike Bomber. G Shurunen II

Ultimate: Wingdramon
Attacks: Blaze Sonic Breath, Explode Sonic Lance, Wing Blast

Mega: Slayerdramon
Attacks: Tenryu Slash, Shoryu Slash, Koryu Slash

Super Evolution: Examon
Attacks: Pendragon's Glory, Avalon's Gate, Dragonic Impact.

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Re: Frank
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