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Author Topic: Fayth*  (Read 166 times)


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« on: October 16, 2014, 07:37:00 AM »

The Preface

The pen etched, back and forth; back and forth, darkening the spot above the forehead of the boy. ‘Light, but not too light. Dark, but not black. His hair was the perfect shade of brown. And his eyes - how could anyone forget those baby blue eyes? They were filled with so much hope. He had such a wonderful personality; but such a serious look. How do you put that all on paper?’ She wondered silently to herself, a soft smile forming on her lips.

The bell above the door let out a chime, as the many bodies surrounding her jumped to their feet. They pushed for the door, any time lost could count for time NOT spent in class. Her hand released the pen, two fingers softly wraping around the drawing, as she slid it into the binder sitting on the desk. The room had emptied. She glanced around to see the teacher, Mr. Humphre staring at her. She grinned, a little embarrassed, and slowly stood. She picked up her bag and hung it on her shoulder. Mr. Humphre cleared his throat as the girl made her way silently to the door.

It was coming. She knew it was coming. “Kairi.” Frozen dead in her tracks, Kairi grinned with worry, and turned to the teacher. “Mr. Humphre?” She asked. He, once again, cleared his throat. The girl made her way to his desk, dreading his next attempt at words. “I have been informed by friends of yours that...” he paused. Kairi laughed to herself. Friends? Kairi had no friends outside of Selphie, Riku, and the new boy, Karu Takahashi. What was he getting at? She barely spoke to anyone at the university over the past few years. “Well, It seems that people have been aware that you have been suffering for quite a while now, Kairi.”

Kairi frowned. “Is there something wrong with silence, Mr Humphre?” She asked. The man tried to smile. “I have taken notice as well, Kairi.” He sighed. “Have you ever thought you might… want to talk to someone, Kairi?”  She stared at him, blankly, dumbfound by the question. “---Maybe you should see the counselor, Mrs. Hooving?” She was taken back by his suggestion. “I don’t need---”

“My dear, I am not dumb… something is troubling you, and, well, I don’t want you to go out on us one day…” Kairi blinked at his suggestion of suicide. She swallowed, sick from the thought. “Please, Kairi dear, tell me. I need to know what is troubling you so that I can help you. Accepting the truth is the first step to a successful recovery.” He pressured her. Kairi glared at him, and without another word, she turned for the door. “Kairi? Kairi? Look, come back, we’re not done talking yet. Kairi---”

She moved down the hallway as fast as her legs would take her. She was troubled, you’d better believe it; but it wasn't as though anyone would understand. Right foot, then left foot; right, then left. ‘What does he know?’ She groaned. ‘I don’t need a psychiatrist. I need life to be normal again!’ Kairi stopped dead in her tracks, turning to the right.. There was a mirror hanging in the hall before her. She frowned. “Never realized that before….” She paused, before laughing at herself. “Then again… What is normal?” She whispered to herself, leaning back against the wall. ‘Were things ever that simple for us?’ Her hand clutched her school binder and sketch pad tight across her chest as a tear ran down her check. ‘Why am I crying?! I should be used to this feeling by now…’

It seemed like the halls were thinning. As the bodies dispersed to their next classes, Kairi began to walk again, only stopping when the bell rang, the loud sound taking her by surprise. It was the end of the year, and she swore the chimes had grown louder… or was it her nerves? Realizing suddenly that she had just missed the bell, Kairi groaned. ‘If I had stayed and listened to the old mans lecture, I could have at least gotten a free hall pass.’ She thought to herself, turning on her heels and heading in the opposite direction.

She began her walk to class through the silent halls, her finger tips traced the binding of the folder. Was her story ending? Or was this only the beginning? Loud footsteps broke Kairi’s train of thought. She turned around to see him coming down the steps. Humphre. Thinking quick, the girl darted into the nearest door that she could find. The door shut, and she dropped her bag, leaning against it now, a groan escaping her lips as she slid down to the floor.

Someone cleared their throat. “Can I help you dear?” A kind voice came from in front of her. Hesitant to open her eyes, Kairi moaned a little more, then slowly, her eye lids rose, and standing before her was a very happy looking woman dressed in all white. She had light gray hair, and pale white skin. The walls were white as well. It was like staring into clouds…...

“Am I dead?” Kairi mumbled. The woman laughed.  “You’re a funny little thing…” She smiled, offering her hand to the younger girl. Kairi took it, allowing the woman to help her up. “Are you new here?” The woman asked. “Oh, no, I have been here since freshman year.” Kairi paused. “But… where am I?” She asked, only slightly confused. “This is the nurses office, dear! Oh my, I do not recognize you at all.” Kairi tried to smile. “I haven’t been down here much.” She bluffed. The truth was, she hadn’t been to school all that much. She bit her lip, pulling a strand of hair from her eyes.

“Well…” The woman began, “I don’t think I’ve seen you down here before, at the very least!” She exclaimed. Kairi grinned. “I’m just perfect like that. Healthy as a horse.” She lied again. “Yes, you are a funny one! Well child, what’s the matter?” She walked to her desk, taking out a chart and a glass thermometer from her desk drawer. “What?” Kairi asks, obliviously. “Well, you are in the nurses office… what is ailing you?” The woman laughed. “Are you not feeling well?” Kairi let out a sigh of relief. “Oh. Uh, yeah… Im kinda dizzy.” Kairi lied again. A third time. She rolled her eyes, ignoring her inner thoughts.

“Oh my! Alright, lie down, hun...” The kind woman instructed the girl. Kairi walked slowly over to the bed. She gently sat down, careful not to wrinkle the paper. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath in. She could hear the kind woman, humming to herself on the other end of the room.

‘The start.’
She smiled, content with the idea. ‘This is the start of my story…’
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