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Author Topic: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)  (Read 1589 times)

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Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
« on: April 21, 2012, 12:08:18 AM »
You truly don't know your destiny, the one that seeks you out when you least expect it, and changes everything you know. It's an elegant truth in existence, or it's just fate.

The wind blew across the barren waste, the dead and haunted forest, where the darkness seemed to envelope all. The boy ran for his life. On his shoulder was a thing that looked like a green dragon; it was freaked out as he was because something was chasing them. They kept running till they ended up on a cliff. The boy turned, deciding to face the one that had been chasing them.

"Hand it over boy," a gravelly, growling voice came out of the shadows. The force of that voice shook a nearby tree. It suddenly stepped out of the shadow, its dark fur shinning as it reflected the moon. It over dwarfed the boy that stood in front of it by a few feet, and looked menacingly down at him. It looked like some sort of man wolf.

"ShadowWereGarurumon, I'd rather die," The boy spat, glaring at the wolf man. But he was obviously scared, his hand shaking, and the creature on his shoulder was also shaking, as he looked at the claws of monster that was coming towards them.

"That can be arranged," said ShadowWereGarurumon, "you have taken something that doesn't belong to you, and death is the sentence for that crime. So I could just kill you now, or kill that Babydmon and you would die too. It's up to you boy"

"I choose death," said the boy bravely as he pulled two things out of his pocket. He held them up high. One was what looked like an MP3 player and the other thing he had looked like a computer chip. He then wiped the sweat from his brow, and out of his spiky hair.

He placed the chip into the other device as he called out, "Digi synchronization, hope chip activation!"

Now both he and creature that ShadowWereGarurumon called Babydmon were encased in huge spheres of light. When the spheres vanished Babydmon was something else. It had become a blue dragon thing, and it and the boy were dressed in the same attire. They then charged at ShadowWereGarurumon.

Digimon Sync Episode 1 "Beginnings part 1"

Edited by a friend

"Digitopia, the most peaceful kingdom is a place of legends and heroes. We are protected from evil by the great shield. It protects us all from the shadows that have tried for years to destroy us," speaking was a massive man. Playing with his curly mustache, he stood at least 7 feet tall, and muscles rippled through the robes he wore. His skin was like a bronze color. He suddenly stopped talking when he heard someone snoring in the room. He let out a sigh and walked over to one of desks where a little child with green goggles was sitting. A puddle of drool had started to form beside his face, despite him looking like he was reading his book. The teacher slowly picked the book up and the kid immediately slumped against the desk, as he was actually using the book as support. He mumbled something unintelligible and started to snore again. Irritated, the man slammed the book hard onto the desk, cracking the top of it.

"I am awake, mommy!" The boy jumped up in a panic as he launched himself backwards into his chair, knocking it over. Embarrassed, he stood, picked up his chair, and sat back in it. He then fixed his goggles as the rest of the class laughed, or sighed.

"Sleeping again during the history of Digitopia… Just because you are royalty doesn't mean you can slack off in my class, Takajin. And where is that digimon partner of yours gone off to? I don't see Sunmon anywhere. I hope he isn't up to his usual mischief making," the teacher told him.

"I don't know Mr. Sagisa," responded Takajin.

"I hope he doesn't get me in trouble again! Everyone knows already I have no control over him what –so-ever. He is as wild as fire, which is his element," Takajin nervously thought.

A cat-looking digimon suddenly enters the room carrying what appeared to be a red ball with spikes, and a small flame emitting from its head. The cat dropped off the ball in front of Mr. Sagisa. "Caught this one Vandalizing the sacred garden," it hissed loudly, spreading its claws in a threatening manner.

"Good job, Liollmon," said Mr. Sagisa lovingly, petting the cat digimon with his massive hands, pretty much enveloping the thing's head. He then turned to Takajin sighing in a tired manner, "Can you control your digimon at all? You need to discipline the little nuisance before it gets both of you killed! I wish you were more like your older sister Hikaru and her digimon partner Moonmon. I now have to have another meeting with your parents, and you're getting detention."

"Again," groaned Takajin, letting out a deep sigh.

At that moment the bell rang. Everyone left except Takajin, who was forced stay behind, and Mr. Sagisa. Takajin has been receiving detention every day since the beginning of the month; Sunmon for some reason has been more out of control lately.

-Digitopia palace-

A girl sneezed, causing the bangs of her light blue hair to flutter forward into her face and her purple goggles. She had the most magnificent purple eyes and her complexion was that of snow. She gave a little smile, "I guess someone was talking about me again or I am catching a cold!"

She closed the book she had been reading. Her digimon partner was sitting at her side. It looked like a rain drop with eyes. The digimon smiled blissfully at the girl when it noticed its human partner was watching her.

"What is it Hikaru," Moonmon spoke in a soothing tone, appraising its human partner carefully.

"Nothing, I kind of just sneezed. This usually means my little Takajin is in trouble once again, and they mentioned my name to him like usual," Hikaru said. She looked very upset, despite the fact she was trying very hard not to look that way. "I wish they would stop picking on him because of Sunmon, it's not Takajin's fault," she muttered sadly.

"Sunmon is a trouble maker and will always be one," said Moonmon, her face drooping with a sigh. But she then smiled when her human partner said, "Hopefully he will mature when he Digivolves!"

"Sure, when Hogmon learns how to fly," joked Moonmon in response.

In the distance, not too far away, a pig looking creature falls outside of the window to Hikaru's room. Following it was the sound of a boy calling out, "Hogmon, you know you can't fly!" Then there was another sound of something crashing, something that sounded like glass breaking, and lastly a scream of pain.

"Oh crap! I need to pick up some things at the flea market," said Hikaru picking up her purse and Moonmon, despite her loud protests that she could walk without Hikaru's help.

The school bell rang and Takajin ran out the front with the other students. Before he could be on his way home, a thick-set boy wearing a green bandana stopped him. The boy had a bird digimon on his shoulder.

"Taka… Come on you said you would show me?" he asked in a whiny voice. The boy had a deep sunburn, like he had been out in the sun all day but could never get seriously burned at all.

"Oh Right, the field stone; I did promise to show that to you, Rao," said Takajin, remembering. He looked around quickly, hoping no one heard him, and gestured to boy to follow him.

On the way to the field stone they passed sacred garden, and saw a huge burn marks on the lawn of the temple of the garden.

"Sunmon was here" Takajin sighed shaking his head, as he read the burn marks out loud. He then glared at Sunmon, who looked very proud of his actions and didn't seem to be paying attention to the angry expression the boy was giving him.

"Taka, is this why you got in trouble? You have an interesting partner," Rao chuckled, stroking his digimon partner's back he continued, "I'm glad Biyomon isn't like your partner. I hope yours Digivolves soon, so he can behave."

They passed the sacred garden and it's glorious, vestige, purple flowers. They came across what appeared to be a hedge maze. Rao and Takajin entered it, taking a few right turns, and a few lefts, until they reached a sudden dead end. The wall bore the crest of the royal family, which appeared to be a bear wearing golden crown. Takajin walked up to it, placing his hand directly on top the crown. A passageway opened up in front of him. After walking through it, they had now reached what looked like a graveyard, but every single gravestone was blank. They both entered and Takajin looked around till he found the one with a strange looking bear on it. He pressed down on it and an enormous glowing wall came out of the ground. It bore the same symbol as the gravestone. "This is the field stone, and as you know, it powers the shield around the city," he explained, turning to face Rao.

"Wow, that's so cool Taka! And the royal family protects this thing? How does it put a shield around Digitopia?" Rao asked, taking a picture of it with his digivice. But before he could hear the answers, he looked at his watch. He started to run for the exit. "Sorry! I got to go! I have some chores to do!" he yelled out as he left, leaving Takajin alone.

Takajin felt it again, the same feeling he got every time he was near this stone. He felt he was supposed to touch it. There was a strong sense of it belonging to him. Whenever he was near it there was a weird feeling in his heart. Slowly he started to reach out towards the stone, but something startled him. He thought someone was standing right behind him, but when he turned around the person was gone. He turned his attention to Sunmon, who was so bored that he had began spitting fire at one of the blank gravestones.

"Why do I put up with you? You're always getting me in trouble!" He growled at Sunmon.

"Takajin… What are you doing?" asked a calm, yet firm, voice that came from behind Takajin. Suddenly strong hands were placed firmly on his shoulders.

Takajin turned to face the origin of the voice, and the person who had snuck up on him. It was a bearded man with a kind gentle face, who was wearing a lavender cloak, and a silver crown. "Dad!" Takajin shouted happily, embracing the man. "You scared me," he said, but now appeared nervous, knowing from the way his dad was looking at him that he was probably in big trouble.

"Why did you bring your friend here, when I have repeatedly told you that no one but the royal family should know about the field stone? It's the only thing that protects us all from danger. Right now your friend is being spoken to about this and will be sworn to silence. Hopefully he knows to keep quiet about such matters," the king reprimanded his son.

"I am sorry dad. But I accidentally mentioned it to my friend, and then he proceeded to bug the heck out of me till I broke down and promised to show him! It will never happen again," explained Takajin, guiltily looking down at the ground, trying not to glance at his dad's face. He didn't want to see the faces of disappointment anymore.

His dad sighed, his attitude mirrored by the digimon that stood beside him, who hadn't been noticed by Takajin until now. "Come, sit with me. I'd like to explain things better and tell you more," he said sitting down.

Takajin followed promptly, and sat down beside his dad. He had an expression of impending boredom already planted across his face, ready to hear another history lesson, even though he wasn't at school.

"Do you think it is wise to tell him this, Zephirim" the digimon spoke up, interrupting Takajin's dad before he could speak.

"It's about time my son learns about his heritage, Grizzlymon. This is something he needs to know. It may save his life someday," said Zephirim smiling, causing his face to crease and his eyes to close. "As you already know, the field stone protects the city. It in fact contains a very special artifact, a link to the heritage of our family that was once wielded to make a miracle happen over a thousand years ago. What it exactly did was lost and forgotten till recently. We found ruins and hieroglyphs, that when translated, read: together we are strong, and love will fuse us together. Basically, it's suggesting that maybe this stone could lead to a new human link with a digimon that no one could have ever imagined before. That's why the field stone should not be shown to anyone outside of the royal family," he finished explaining to his son.

Takajin stood up and he bowed to his father. "I understand now, and I won't let it happen again," he said in earnest, just wanting to get out of there without another lecture or history lesson. He turned to leave.

"Good, I don't want to have to punish you if it happens again. I'll let you off with a warning this time. But next time you will spend a whole week cleaning each one of these gravestones…and give Grizzlymon a bath," warned Zephirim, adding the last part as a joke.

In the market Hikaru walked from stall to stall looking for fresh produce, admiring the wares of some. A hook nosed woman in rags showed her a lovely necklace, but Hikaru decided not to get it now. She was in a hurry and needed to get everything to be able to bake a cake for school for the fundraiser. After twenty minutes she had everything and was heading out of the market, when suddenly someone grabbed her. They started pulling her towards them. In a matter of moments she was facing them. A young girl spoke to her, her voice very urgent. "Take this!" she said palming something into Hikaru's hand, and then ran off, before she could react.

"That was really strange," said Hikaru slowly, and then looked down at the thing that had been given to her. It looked like some sort of music device, and tied to it was something that looked like a chip. The chip resembled one of those you stick in a computer, similar to the thing she used as a dairy. Shrugging, she pocketed them, and then headed home.

She was half way home, when randomly a boy stumbled out of nowhere, and passed out right in front of her. He was covered head to toe with mud, and so was his dragon digimon, which was sprawled on the ground beside him. Sadly, it was in a more serious condition then its master.

Hikaru ran up to boy, and first checked his pulse then on how bad his condition was. She helped him to his feet, letting him lean against her like a wounded soldier. She would help him to her home, where she would call a doctor. She picked up the boy's digimon and carried it on her other shoulder.

A woman in a green shirt and yellow pants was talking to a girl in a purple shirt and black mini skirt. They were standing in front of the house when Hikaru arrived. The other girl caught sight of them as they got close enough. She hurried over to help Hikaru with getting the boy inside. "Mom!" Hikaru called out, and the woman, who had been talking to the other girl, came rushing in with a medical kit.

"Where did this boy come from?" asked Hikaru's mom. Her digimon partner, that appeared to be Mikemon, came quickly from the other room. They were both calm despite the tension that appeared on both of their facial expressions. The mother had the same pale complexion as her daughter, Hikaru.

"He stumbled out of nowhere mom. I was walking home when it happened. I decided to bring him here, and then call for a doctor. He seemed like he's in very bad shape. I don't know what did this to him or where he even came from. He doesn't look like he's from anywhere around here," said Hikaru, trying to stay calm, "and thanks for the help Juniko." She quickly turned to the other girl and smiled nervously.

"It's no problem! I was here looking for Takajin. He was supposed to help me with a school project. I think he forgot, like he usually does," said Juniko. She then gazed down at the boy, "He is kind of cute. Too bad I'm not a little older. Being eleven years old is kind of a bummer, when most of the cute guys are older than you… Sorry I am rambling on, and keeping your attention away from him," she chuckled sheepishly, began to back away slowly and left.

Hikaru eased the boy onto the couch and placed a pillow under his head, while her mom positioned a warmed compress on to his head. This boy had obviously been through the ringer, and so had his digimon. Her mom placed it on the stair across from them, and was now gently tending to it.

-To be continued-

Who is this boy, and where did he come from? To answer these questions, and more, please tune into the next Digimon digital monsters!

Re: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)

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Re: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2012, 12:08:56 AM »
When things change, can they ever be the same again; ones destiny is always in the wind.

I hear unfamiliar voices, they are around me but where are they, and they seem to want to help me but why, my hearts bleeds but it has no injuries, its lifelessness beats in my chest.

My name is Huang Zhi fan, and I want my life to end, hopefully now as I lay in this strange place, hearing people who I don't even know, at least they wouldn't care if I passed, why didn't I when I fell off that cliff. "Kill me" he mumbled, as someone placed a cloth on his head.

He opened his eyes briefly, and saw what appeared to be an Angel of some kind, was this going to take him away, he wish it would. "Mom" he mumbled as he passed out again.

Hikaru was attending to the boy, while in the same room, brother talked with friends Rao, and Juniko just out of ear shot of her. "This boy has been through heck, he seems to be only able to speak in gibberish. " I wonder what he is dreaming about" she said to herself.

Digimon Sync episode 2 "Beginnings part 2"

Edited by friend

-One month ago-

Huang a boy about the age of 13, his spiked hair flowing in the afternoon breeze, he stared out at the crystalline lakes of the forest village of Logonia. The village was once beautiful, and full of life, every inch was a glorious green, and blue. From the conifers to the tasty berry trees, it was like a tropical paradise.

His fishing pole gave a sudden leap as something snapped the line; He grabbed, and pulled hard. The thing he had caught was giving a supreme effect to remain free, but this thing was going to be his lunch, and fight tooth and nail before he would let this fish go.

It took 5 minutes before he reeled it in, but it still exhausted him. As he was about to try to catch another fish, someone called out to him, it was his mother.

He reached a friendly looking log cabin in the woods, a woman dressed in dark green shirt and overalls greeted him, she was tan skinned just like he was. "Huang, how many did you catch" pointing at the bucket Huang was carrying, she beamed with pride of her youngest son.

"Mom, I caught five fish this time" Huang said beaming with pride, handing the bucket over to his mom, he caught enough for dinner, himself, her parents, and his two brothers. He handed the basket off to his mom.

This was a perfect existence; he and his Babydmon were so content to stay like this forever, he watched his two brothers return from their jobs at the mines. He wished he could do more like they were doing, even if it was rooting in the dirt for precious minerals.

The oldest of the three brothers, he walked up to Huang, and practically tackled him off his feet, Leung was always, and his digimon partner a very rambunctious Lynxmon. For someone older than he was he really acted like a child.

Huang felt the air almost being driven out of his lungs, as he crashed to the floor "Get off you big ape" he protested as his big brother, now picked him off the ground "Come on you are going to make me puke" I was filled with hope and dreams then.

-Next day-

He was fishing like he usually did, his toe dipping in the water, the breeze blowing through his spiked hair, when something caught his eye, it appeared to be a girl, and she was standing on the water, and looking in his direction. This was a weird sight to behold for Huang, a cute older girl standing in the middle of the lake. When she got close enough, he noticed that she wasn't on the water, it was apparent that she was on the back of a digimon. It was a giant blue bird seeing its huge wing span was awe inspiring, Huang watched as she stopped in front of him, his mouth still wide open as he stared. She wore a pink headband, and a black and yellow robe, her hair was long and silver. There was something wrong with her appearance it was animal-like in nature, her eyes were like ones that a hawk should have, her digimon seem to be wearing the same robe as hers. She jumped gracefully from her digimon and onto the dock. Huang now stood as she landed in front of him, he wonder what the heck was going on here, he know from looking at her that she was not from anywhere near this village.

"Has anyone come here yet, anyone one suspicious, saying he is here for your villages surrender" said the girl looking passed Huang as she spoke to him, but the animal nature she had when she arrived was fading, and what appeared to be a little child with animal ear took the place of the large bird, it wore a pink handkerchief around its neck, and wore pink gloves, if he had to guess, would say it was an Impmon, it now sat on the girls shoulder, she was not wearing the cloak anymore, it was like it just vanished. She now had a all white Tunic on, with Yellow trimming, at her neckline was a symbol of a bird.

He just stood there staring at this enigma, which had just interrupted his fishing trip, mysterious visit in history tend to be bad karma in his village, he didn't know how to handle this strange older girl, she had to be 2 years older than he was. His digimon partner having come with him that day, when he usually sleeps at home was still sleeping regardless of the sudden intrusion.

"Are you going to answer my question is not like I have all day, I am here to look for something, I am not going to deal with mindless staring? " she said angrily now, giving him a hard look, before calming down " Let's start over I am Sorami, you are?"

"I am Huang, where do you come from, and why are you here" said Huang forcing out the words, his face turning slight reddish tone.

"Did a wolf digimon come here named ShadowWereGarumon; he is looking for something, and the last I heard he was coming here?" She said taking measure of Huang, and then she pulled something out of her pocket, it looked like something he heard of some sort of microchip for a machine called a computer.

"No one else strange has been around here other than you, and no I have not seen anything like that here" he replied to Sorami, looking rather confused.

"Then you are no use to me" she said, as she walked passed Huang, she walked over a foot away from him then turned back, like she contemplating him because of something, then she turned around and walked off.

Disturbed by his encounter, he had a hard time concentrating on fishing his mind wondering back to Sorami, the strange girl, and heading home without catching a thing, not knowing that this girl was a sign that there was trouble, and she was the foreshadowing of everything he knew going up in flames. With that callous attitude he beat she didn't even care.

He was in luck his older had bought something for them to eat to celebrate finding gold in the mine, and getting a bonus for it. This mad their mother smile, which she barely did without it looking fake, she hadn't had a true smile since father had been taken by a mine cave in 2 years ago.

-Three weeks later-

Totally forgetting the girl he had encountered and even her name, life went on like it never happened; everything was a peaceful as it usually was. His two brother the middle child as sort spiky like, barely talked, whose name was Keung; he always was the most competitive of the three. He always challenged his two brothers to a game of digiball, and never won, even if Leung was the least he kept winning because of his size. The point of the game was to touch the back of the opponent's digimon three times in a row, it was a very simple game, but it was still very fun. Leung with his Gatsumon, Keung with his Hagurumon, and Huang with his sleeping Babydmon, which his always fell off his shoulder unlike his two brothers. They tussled for several hours, throughout the game, Huang felt like something was watching him. Now laying on the grass the brothers talked about their week.

Huang's brother retold him old story of what happens in theses, and every person they lost in them, it reminded him of father, who sacrificed himself to save the people he been working with in the area at the time of the cave in. He wished his brothers didn't have to work in that same mine, which made him worry every time they had to go to work.

There was suddenly a deafening boom, from well off in the distance. It shook the ground, making the brothers drop to their knees.

"That came from the direction of the mine" Shouted Keung, as he got back to his feet, and ran in that direction, he had pointed in, followed by Leung, both of them were now in a panic. Huang watched as both his brothers left him alone, then he ran to catch up, he wanted to see what was going on too. When they reached the mine, there were two men with large Digimon standing in front of it.

One of the men, the one with a ShadowWereGarurumon, he had raven black hair, and wore a cloak, and a porcelain mask, the other wore the same attire, except he didn't have a mask, he had a car across his face from his forehead to his chin, like his face had been sliced in half.


Huang woke up screaming, and then realized he was in a strange bed, and didn't know where he was, he slowly rose, and consciously made a note of the room for ways to escape, when the girl entered the room carrying a bucket of water, this was the one he stumbled upon after he was knocked off the cliff by the blast of ShadowWereGarurumon.

"Oh you are awake" said Hikaru giving the boy a radiant smile, she put the bucket down, she then called out shouted "The boy is awake" then made her way into the room.

"Where am I and who are you?" asked Huang touching the bandages wrapped around his head, it was still throbbing from his fall "How long have I been out?"

"This is the kingdom of Digitopia, you wondered onto the royal courtyard, when I found you, I am Princess Hikaru of Subaru royal family" replied Hikaru, as she smiled, and flush red a bit. "And who might you be Wayward Strange boy?"

"I am Huang Zhi fan of the Village of Logonia; I thought this place was only a myth" said Huang looking around astonished "I was told to come here by a girl named Sorami"

"Sorami?" said Hikaru trying to think if she knew that person, and failed think of anyone one by that name.

-Flash back-

"you now have the chip of hope, you are to run to Digitopia, don't you think of taking either of them on by yourself, there Digimon are too powerful" said Sorami "I have set into motion things that will delay them, if you face them now they will kill you"

"They killed my brothers in the months they occupied my village, they killed them to feed their addiction, and I want revenge for what they did "shouted Huang " I watched as those Crimson Brigade guys siphoned the bio data from my brothers Digimon, and killed them slowly, and my brother's died too"

"Do you want to join them in their sacrifice; their live bought you time to leave, have they died in vain?" Sorami said as she dragged Huang alongside her. "I'll keep them busy and meet up with you at Digitopia go now"

"Digitopia, you got to be kidding?" said Huang looking at Sorami in disbelief "You know there is no such a place its only a legend and fantasy stories, no place can be that perfect in a world like this" he scoffed at the idea.

"Head north and you will find out if it is real are not, it is either that or joining your brothers in the afterlife, it kind of doesn't matter to me as long as they don't get the chip you have" she replied looking coldly at him, a look of indifference crossed her face, before turning around and leaving him.

Huang gave a deep sigh as to show that he knew that she was right, and he turned in the direction of what supposedly lead him to Digitopia. He didn't believe he would find such a place, he rather all this that happened in the past month didn't come to pass, he wanted revenge, but he also wanted to die so he can be reunited with his family.


Huang explained everything that had happened to his village and girl that told him to head here, against his feelings he had come here encountering the people who occupied and destroyed on several occasions on the way here. He had fought though them to get here, and nearly killed by the ShadowWereGarurumon, he had first encountered at his village, and its master was nowhere to be seen, the porcelain masked man.

Hikaru was taken aback by the Story of Huang "I have to go tell my mother of what you said " Hikaru looking out a deep breath as she spoke, and then turned around leaving the room.

Huang walked over to the window, and looked out, his breath seemed to leave him as he saw the landscape of the city of Digitopia, it was like nothing he had ever seen before, it was like something his father use to read to him in those fantasy books when he was a little child.

There was a sudden munching noise from behind him, and he turned to see what it was, Babydmon was heating happily covered in bandages, it smiled up at him, he wished he could be more like his Digimon partner, who never let his spirit get dampened by anything. But a thought passed through Huang's mind about how these people live like this while other people suffer without them doing a damn thing about it.

This time a boy entered the room, who seemed to be the same age as him, this kid had similar features to the girl had been tending to him, he knew instantly that he was her brother, he carried himself differently than the girl.

"Your sister left to get me some water, what is your name?" said Huang putting a little edge into his voice.

"I am Takajin Subaru, I was eaves dropping I am sorry for what happened I didn't know there was so much chaos in this world" said Takajin sheepishly feeling the eyes of Huang staring a hole in him.

"You aren't sorry, living in a place so protected from everything, I hate people like you, and everyone else that didn't do a damn thing, I lost my family" Shout Huang shoving Takajin to the floor, and pinning him to the ground with his elbow to his throat.

"Stop that now, we aren't to blame for things we had no idea about" said Hikaru interrupting Huang's tirade "would you kindly get off my brother now"

"I am sorry I overreacted" said Huang getting off Takajin, and helping him up.

"With what you have been through I would have acted in the manor you have done," said Hikaru "I have come to escort you to my father the king Zephirim, my mother lady Miharu, the queen of Digitopia has sent a message to the king, he will be expecting you."

Huang caught sight of another eavesdropper another girl this time dressed in purple and black, she entered the room, when she noticed that she had been spotted, she seemed a little on the hyper side but she was almost the same age as the boy, and himself.

"I am Juniko, how dare you touch Takajin like that" she walked over to Takajin's side to see if he was ok "If you weren't so cute yourself I would slap you one" she pointed her fist at Huang.

A half an hour later Huang was standing at the throne room, he stood in front of him sitting on a very fancy chair made from solid crystal, on it was Zephirim, a concerned look on his face.

"I heard you came from a distant village to the south of here, and it had a terrible fate brought upon, let me guess you are a chip bearer, those people that were seeking it, they are called the Kurokami Brigade, they are the loathsome worshippers of Lilithmon, the Evil Digimon that had been Destroyed over a thousand years, they are now searching to bring her back, and feeding on the bio Data of Digimon as a narcotic as they do so" said Zephirim walking slowly toward Huang, "and this Sorami you mentioned did she happen to be a Kamiya, they are the protectors of this world, do you have a chip"

"You ask me a lot of questions, some I don't know if I should answer, this Sorami has sent me here for a reason, and Yes she was a Kamiya, and Yes I have a Chip," said Huang trying to keep composure. "and now you answer my question, what the hell is this chip and why is it so important?" He began to yell his next words "If you knew all of this why didn't you do a damn thing about it"

-To Be Continued-

This is horrible, what will the king say to Huang, will he ever get justice? To answer these questions, and more, please tune into the next Digimon digital monsters!

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Re: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
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The chamber was quiet as Huang, and King Zephirim looked at each other, Huang glaring a hole in the king, and then got so close that he was breathing in the king's face.

"I don't think you should be doing that" Zephirim waving off archer that had their bow pointed at the back of Huang's head, threatening to put an arrow into it. "You did not come all this way to die, did you?"

"You do not know what I want" said Huang through gritted teeth, and then back off from the king "Sorry I overreacted again" he gave a sarcastic bow. "I always wish to die"

"No one should wished to die, no matter what has happened to them, there is always something to live for, you just have to find it, just hope you find something soon"

Huang had his hand on his Digi chip, and didn't realize it until the king had mentioned hope, did he know what chip he had, "Yes I am a chip bearer, and it has made my life miserable" she finally said after many moments of silence between him and the king.

"May it guide you to your destiny, but you are welcome to seek sanctuary in Digitopia as you figure out what you are going to do next" said Zephirim "I will make sure a guest room is ready for you in the palace.

Digimon Sync episode 3 "Beginnings Part 3"

Edited by a Friend

Takajin rubbed at his throat still red from the encounter with Spiky haired kid named Huang, what did he do to deserve, that guy acted like he personally killed his family, and now his friend Juniko won't let him out of her sight, it was like she became his personal bodyguard, I hope things don't get any worse.

"Takajin Subaru pay attention in class or don't bother coming" shouted Mr. Sagisa noticing that Takajin was drifting off in thought again. "Can you stop meandering about that's not how you go through life?"

"Sorry Mr Sagisa" said Takajin, his throat hurting with each word, it was like someone was stabbing in the neck with a red hot poker, this wasn't very pleasant, and it just made him think of Huang every time he had to talk.

-The Palace-

Hikaru lay in bed looking at the thing that person had palmed her, she wonder if this thing was the same as what that Huang had mentioned, she had not shown this to her parents yet, she felt like it was important and everything but she didn't know how to bring it up, she pulled out the device that had been with it, running her fingers across its fine surface. She put them in her pocket, she had noticed the door had opened a crack, and someone was looking in. "Who goes there it's not polite looking into a princess's room.

Huang entered, and looked Hikaru "your father told you about what we talked about, I am what you he referred to as a chip bearer, I don't have a clear idea of what that exactly, and I don't care, as long as it gives me more power to get justice for my Family" he then left without letting Hikaru reply to what he just said.

-Outside the barrier-

"He is in Digitopia, this is a problem" said the man with the scar, he now wore an eye patch across his left eye "That witch delayed us long enough, and you knocked him into that place"

The porcelain masked man didn't reply, he just stood inches from the barrier placing his hand on it, and letting it's energy course through his palm, he then pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to the man with the scar.

"Migoku, How dare you question me, I am the leader of this brigade, don't make me slice you from ear to ear again, like before this time taking your precious partners bio data and feast on it" said the man with the scar reading the letter out loud. "Ankou, I am sorry but that witch, contaminated my supply of bio data, and destroyed my left eye, I want her to pay" he seethed with rage seemingly coming out of all the pores in his face.

Ankou pulled out another piece of paper, wrote something quickly and handed it to Migoku, who gave a big grin after reading it.

"This is already taken care of; you are now heading to the kingdom of Suzubuya, because Sorami has been spotted there" Migoku read out loud, the smile getting more twisted "Why didn't you say that before, isn't that where that brat princess lives, I heard she is a tough one?"

Ankou wrote something down once again, and handed another piece of paper to Migoku, this made him frown, then he read out loud "I am not going with you I have other matters to take care of, Sorami is your problem not mine, you aren't going alone, some reinforcements will meet up with you on the way" Migoku looked up at Ankou smiling insanely,. Ankou turned his flowing cloak trailed behind him as he left Migoku, and then he was gone.

"In the name of Lilithmon, may your beauty grace this world with its dark love" said Migoku placing his hands together, and going to one knee, he was in some kind praying pose. "Your darkness is endearing to my spirit" he got up and punched tree "Now you are going Sorami for taking my eye, he placed his hand on the eye patch, and lifted it up revealing a blood red eye "I will get my vengeance for tainting my supply"


Juniko chased after Takajin, as he was heading home, and she took him by the arm, and danced around him humming to herself happily.

"Can you let go of me please" said Takajin sighing in frustration, at the weirdness he thought Juniko was displaying around him.

She let go of him, and let out a sigh of her own "You aren't any fun at all," she said sheepishly, her Digimon partner jumping onto her shoulder, and rubbing against her right ear purring, she stroked the top of Nikemon's head, "I still will help you deal with that mean Huang if he gets in your face again all emo and such, he needs to deal with his own issues instead of passing them onto someone that wasn't at fault"

"I know you have said this over a dozen times, but I can only imagine what he has been through, those people scare me now, they seem so vicious with what they did in all in the name of a long dead digimon, Lilithmon must have been something to behold to warrant such faith, and such terror"

"I would never want to meet Lilithmon, the thought of such a creature scares me, and from the history books, Lilithmon was responsible for hundreds, even thousands of deaths" said Juniko shuttering at the thought.

A voice that emanated everywhere at once, he couldn't hear even Juniko, who was still right beside him talking, the world seemed cease to exist, a symbol appeared right before him in what appeared to be a white void of a world to him now, it was the same symbol as the one on the field stone, and it called to him like it did, It wanted him to take something was wrong and it knew it, he crumpled to one knee pleading for it to leave him alone, and closed his eyes. The next moment he opened his eyes again, he was looking up and was cradled in Juniko's arms, she had as he had apparently fallen. .

"What is going on" asked Juniko giving a concerned look at Takajin "Taka, you fainted are you OK?" She slowly got up bringing him to his feet too, and still letting him lean on her.

"I don't know, something really weird just happened, I saw the symbol that's on the field stone, it was calling out to me something is wrong" said Takajin, and he took a deep breath to steady himself, as the vision had unsettled him very much, someone was going to try to steal something to do with the field stone, he just knew It deep within him. "I have to check on it now" he ran off followed by Juniko.

When they reached the field stone no one was there, and the stone was still glowing, and it called to him like it did before, this time stronger pulling him to it, the symbol on the stone was pulsating in rhythm with his heart beat as it thudded in his chest, the goggles were a jar from running all the way there, and Juniko stood panting behind, she hadn't protest since he had dragged her so she could keep up with him, Takajin looked around, to see if anyone was here, and there was still no one but them there. "I don't get it, its telling that's in danger but there is nothing here?"

"This is the field stone, the one that protects this city and its talking to you, I always felt you were special" said Juniko looking with awe at the field stone.

It just downed on Takajin that he had broken the rules again by bringing Juniko here, he is going to be in so much trouble, more so then when he brought Rao here "I shouldn't have brought you here, only the royal family is allowed in here" he said, as he spoke he realized he was walking toward the field stone, he couldn't resist it pull, it was like a tight vice around his legs dragging him toward it, as he got close it reached out toward, and the glow from the stone shot out and hit his hand forming some kind of chip. The stone lost its glow and there was a bright flash all around as shield around the city failed, and a huge alarm sounded from a distance.

"Now hand that over child" said a voice from behind, a man dressed in a cloak stepped out from the entrance tp the field stone area, a very huge man in a cloak walked toward "I followed you here Takajin Subaru"

"Mr Sagisa?" said Takajin turning around, to face the man in cloak; he closed his hand around the chip, clinching it till he felt it in his palm.

The cloaked man pulled back his hood, revealing the face of their teacher, looking more menacing then he did in class "that is not my name; I killed that man years ago, and how I got here I have always been in this I was born here, my family line worshipped Lilithmon, may her beauty dominate my dreams, and nightmares as I enjoy both if she is there, my name is Shiru, and I am going to kill you, if you don't hand that over"

"No" said Takajin as he backed away from an advancing, his massive shadow looming over him.

"I see your partner isn't with you. He is probably off burning things as usual, now hand it over" said Shiru reaching out his hand to Takajin.

Something hissed and pounced, slashing 's arm as it flew passed, it was Juniko's Mikemon, Takajin saw it as it landed on the other side of Shiru, and it got ready to pounce again, but this time it was knocked away, and pinned to the ground by Liollmon.

Shiru now pulled out something that looked like a large metallic needle, he was now holding it to Mikemon, every time he touched it to it, Juniko would scream with pain something about it made her feel it to "hand it over I'll take this one's data and kill your friend, I have gone really long without this I have nearly forgot how it feels, to ingest the Bio data of a digimon, please don't make this any easier as I want it so badly"

"Please don't I'll give it to you, please don't kill my friend" said Takajin nearly breaking into a shout.

"Good boy I thought you would see it my way, hold that kitty down till I get the chip, if he does anything funny kill it" said Shiru with a smile creasing his massive wrinkled face, as he walked toward Takajin his hand open like a massive tree branch, he was waiting for the kid to hand his chip to him.

"Halt, and get away from my son" a voice shouted from a distance, Zephirim was standing at the entrance, finally catching his breath to say something.

But it was too late and Shiru had the chip in his hand, and was laughing manically, as he held it like it was some sort of trophy, he looked at it again tiny in the palm of his huge hand. "One step closer to bringing back the dark goddess, Lilithmon will rise and teach people how to love her again, Ankou will be pleased" he said with pleasure.

(A few minutes earlier)

None of them noticed Huang and Babydmon, he had followed Zephirim, and noticed what was going on, he was waiting for his moment to strike, and hate filled each moment of that wait, he waited to pound that man into dust, he had t wait till that man dropped his guard, and that moment came when Takajin handed him the chip, it made him even more furious that Takajin would just hand it over, but that feeling subsided when he remembered he would have done the same if it was any of his family, but they had died before he had gotten his chip.


Shiru was grasping the chip once again when something hit him, it burned his face, a huge scream escaped his lips, it was like someone threw a pot of spicy soup in his face, the chip fell out of his hand, and dropped to the ground.

"Kurokami Brigade loser, I have come to make you pay" shouted Huang jumping out from his hiding spot; he was holding a irritated Babydmon, who appeared like it had been disturbed from a very nice sleep.

Still trying to get his sight back was Shiru, now down on his knees wiping at his face, like that would stop it from burning, his digimon partner was confused and had let go of Mikemon, who had scampered away back to its master.

Huang pulled out his chip, and placed into the digivice "Digi synchronization, hope chip activation" both him and his partner were engulfed in balls of light, when it was over, Babydmon was now Dracomon, and Huang, they were both wear a green jacket with wings embroidered on the back of it.

"You little brat, I'll make you suffer for that" said Shiru before noticing the device that Huang was holding "oh you are a chip bearing digidestined as well, I am going to enjoy ripping the chip from her cold dead hands" he was getting to his feet.

Takajin had picked up his chip while Shiru wasn't looking, and walked away, he now hid behind a hedge with Juniko who had quickly joined him there, they were both in shock at what they had just been though, we must do something to help him, but he couldn't make himself move, he just listened to what was going on.

Huang and Dracomon jumped in Unison as Liollmon pounced in their direction, when it missed "come back here so I can kill you" it hissed at them, coming around for another attack.

"it's only inevitable that we cut you and your partner to shreds and take what we want from your lifeless body before your blood even gets cold" said Shiru charging madly at Huang, who moved out of the way this time him in the back of the head driving into the dirt, but was back to his feet instantly, being really fast for a man as big as he was "That's it, show him your true power"

As he said this Liollmon digivolved into Liamon, it let out a tremendous roar, and charged at Huang and Dracomon with renewed viciousness, and hatred.

"I have been storing Energy by training, and now you see my true partner, who will rip you to shreds like I have said, "Shiru shouted with increased venom "Lilithmon will be so happy with me when she returns to this world"

"Digi synchronization, kindness chip activation" someone shouted from a distance, Hikaru was standing there, her goggles reflecting the evening sunlight, before they like Huang and Draco earlier were enveloped in globes of light, and out came Lunamon, and Hikaru, they were also wearing the same thing, which were gloves with crescent moons on them.

Takajin watched helplessly as his sister jumped into the fray to defend him, he wished he knew what exactly needed to make this chip work like they did, he was like he was blanketed in fear, which was suffocating him with every moment he was in it, and it prevented him from going anywhere, also wondering where his partner was, and did it even care about him at all.

Lunamon had jumped into the fray, joining her partner Hikaru in a defensive position, she learned about her chip weeks after that person had handed it to her in the market with a note that told her how to use it, she only knew some forms of self defence, but she wasn't that adapt at actually combat, making this situation not very good for, she still had to remain calm and collected, she felt her nerves edge toward freak proportions, she need to protect her brother kept her from going manic. All that was needed was to hold this guy off till the royal guard showed up, their father was here but his partner wasn't, who was probably bringing reinforcements.

"I didn't ask for your help Princess" said Huang agitated at the sudden appearance of Hikaru, who in his opinion was butting into his business, he glared in her direction, he didn't care what her intentions were this was his battle, "Go away" he now shout at her.

It didn't help her nerves that Huang was now shouting her to leave; even though her impression that he was too stubborn to notice in fact he actually needed help, even though she couldn't do much to do that.

Suddenly there was a huge explosion between them and Shiru, and standing there was a strange girl, she was wearing a cloak, her white hair flapped in the breeze of the explosion, as she pulled back her hood. It was Sorami; Huang thought as He saw the girl's face, her expression was as cold as he remembered, and her Thunderbirdmon was with her, also as menacing as he remembered.

"It's a Kamiya" said Zephirim in complete awe of what just happened, and who just appeared, he dropped to his knees at the sight of a Thunderbirdmon, the legendary digimon.

At this sudden change of situation, the smile faded completely off Shiru's face, and replaced with one of total fear "a Kamiya" he muttered nearly breathlessly "I am so dead, please Lilithmon come save me…." he was cut off as he seemed to spontaneously explode, It Thunderbirdmon who had blasted him.

"You, you and you come with me now, we are leaving right now" said Sorami pointing at Takajin who was peeking out from behind the hedge, and Hikaru, Huang who were right across from her

Zephirim was walking up to her now "I am honoured to finally meet a Kamiya, one of the guardian clans of this world, he gave a bow of respect, which Sorami didn't return, she practically ignored him.

"I don't want to leave this is my home" said Takajin running over to his father, and stood behind him.

"I don't want to go either, I am going nowhere but home" said Hikaru calmly but still on edge from the ordeal she just had to go through.

Huang was now right beside Sorami "I am going with her, she is my way to get what I want" he said picking up a now sleeping Babydmon.

"I am sorry but she is right, it's not safe for you here, they know you are here you must leave" Zephirim went to one knee, and hugged Takajin "I have to banish you and your sister from Digitopia, it's the only way" he let go of him "if you don't get out now, I'll have the royal guard throw you out, you have an hour, I still love you my son"

Takajin looked downcast as he was lead home, and watched as his sister and him packed, and then handed supplies, Sorami was waiting with Huang in front of the castle; this was the beginning of a new adventure, which would put them all to the test.

-To Be Continued-

There on new Adventure now, will they have the courage to face the upcoming challenges? To answer these questions, and more, please tune into the next Digimon digital monsters!

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Re: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
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To read chapters 4 to 30, you can click here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5026925/4/Digimon_Sync
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Re: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
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New chapter has been posted

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Re: Digimon Sync (OCC Fic)
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more chapters are online


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