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Author Topic: Reiko Kamiya  (Read 797 times)

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Reiko Kamiya
« on: April 22, 2012, 03:19:30 AM »
Name: Reiko Kamiya
Age: 14
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair Color: Light Cyan
Eyes: Golden
Brief Bio: She likes to daydream a lot which makes her a little hyper, which makes at first seem Aloof, she also has a habit of making up words, or changing the meaning of the actual words to suit what she is talking about even though it doesn’t make sense to do so and ignores people who try to correct her.  Doing this unintentionally making herself look pretentious and arrogant when she doesn’t mean to do so, when she is very much a people person my nature. she's Tai and Kari's younger cousin, who recently got a digimon partner, but is unsuccessful in digivolving.

Chosen Child Type: Chosen Child
Digivice Color: Purple
Crest: Light

Digimon Stats:

Fresh: YukimiBotamon
Attacks: Diamond Dust: Spits out a breath of freezing cold air.

In-Training: Moonmon
Attacks: Dark Burst (ヤミバースト Yami Burst?): A ball of dark energy fired against the opponent.

Rookie: Lunamon
Attacks: Lunar Claw: Scratches with claws filled with the power of darkness.
Tear Shot: Concentrates power in its forehead antenna, then fires a ball of water at the opponent.
Lop-ear Ripple: Spins many times with its ears, generating a vortex of bubbles which entraps the opponent.

Champion: Lekismon
Moon Night Bomb: Throws a water bubble created by her Moon Gloves at the enemy. It can cause the enemy to fall asleep.
Tear Arrow: Shoots the enemy with a pretty ice arrow from the stickup on her back.
Moon Night Kick: Jumps up high and comes down quickly to give a strong kick.

Ultimate: Crescemon
Lunatic Dance: Uses steps like dancing to delude the enemy, then uses her weapon Nuova Luna to rapidly slash.
Ice Archery: Change the Nuova Luna into bowgun form and releases ice arrows.
Dark Archery: Change the Nuova Luna into bowgun form and releases arrows of dark energy.

Mega: Dianamon
Crescent Harken (Deu: "Crescent Hook"): Bewitches the opponent with the mysterious power of the moon, so that they see themselves as their own opponent and immediately tear themselves to pieces.
Arrow of Artemis: Pulls a faintly sparkling arrow of ice from the quill-like protrusions on its back, then fires it.
Goodnight Moon: Lures the opponent into sleep with the lunar light shining from the "Goodnight Sisters" on its legs.
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Re: Reiko Kamiya

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Re: Reiko Kamiya
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 03:53:07 AM »


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