Name: Michelle
Date of birth: 9/16/89
E-Mail address: kkio[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Administration Officer
Area(s) of focus: Database Maintenance
Nationality: American

Once upon a time, K-kio was an ordinary college student majoring in English and fostering a secret love of manga and anime. In the style of Romeo and Juliet, this love was forbidden by her professors, who spent their days piling volume after volume of “serious literature” into her arms. It was a sad day indeed when a particularly sharp-eyed instructor, already suspicious of her intentions, noticed a well-worn copy of a disturbingly sweet shoujo manga hidden behind The Great Gatsby. K was sent to the English Department dungeons to await her cruel fate.

As she sat in a corner mourning her confiscated manga, she heard a loud crash from the upstairs offices. The sounds of battle ensued, and when they had finished, a mysterious figure appeared from the stairwell. He freed K and returned the stolen volume, then informed her that she could no longer remain at the university as a student of English. She could, however, put her language skills to greater use as a member of Anime Secrets, the top-secret organization he represented. Was she interested?

After two-point-five seconds of deliberation, she decided to accept the offer. Under the cover of night, K followed the shadowy man and his ponytail through the hidden escape tunnels, emerging hours later to the welcome sight of her fellow otaku.
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