Name: Jessica Craven
Date of birth: 12/12/94
E-Mail address: kitsune[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Manga Agent
Area(s) of focus: Manga
Nationality: American

When she was only twelve years old, Kitsune-chan fled to the sea to avoid becoming of age and having to submit to the government. She snuck onto a pirate ship where she could safely remain youthful, carefree, and imaginative. While madly running the shorelines with Johnny Depp, who was chasing after a flying note in a bottle, she ended up being captured by vegetarian cannibals.

In the cannibals’ camp, she was nearly starved to death and ended up with a freakishly skinny body. It was so unrealistically tall and slender that she looked like a real anime character along with her snow white skin and hair that the cannibals had died an aqua blue, although it does appear strangley purple in the sunlight (It was orginally red back in the days when she roamed with the foxes as a small child.). Nevertheless, Kitsune-chan managed to survive in the camp by drawing and writing in an adobe hut. Whenever she drew or wrote something she didn’t like, she ate the paper. Her other source of nourishment consisted of a strawberry-tasting nut.

Finally, at the age of 16, she left the camp with the paintbrushes and pens that she had acquired through her four years there and hitched a ride on a freight train (Suprisingly, the cannibals just let her go. She is still completely clueless as to what they ever wanted with her in the first place…) At least in the camp she was able to accomplish fair drawing, writing, and reviewing skills. Because of this, she was drawn to a poster she saw while the train was passing Tokyo. It read: Anime Secrets Spring Recruitment: Reviewers Wanted. She jumped off the train. When she landed, she was a new agent/manga reviewer for Anime Secrets.

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