What is Anime Secrets?

Anime Secrets is a website dedicated to reviewing anime, manga, and games, as well as providing detailed reports on other aspects of the three areas.

When Was Anime Secrets founded? 

Anime Secrets was conceived on December 11th 2002, but was truly brought to life on June 4th 2003 as staff began to join.

Who Founded Anime Secrets?

The conception of Anime Secrets was spearheaded by Drake and Lynne. However due to external circumstances, Lynne was unable to take her role in the organization, leaving Drake as the founder.

You guys really aren’t a secret agency right?

No. We just liked the idea of spies and being a secret agency based in the mountains of Canada. Plus, we needed a gimmick.

You claim to have been around since 2002, but all your articles are dated as posted in 2012, what gives? 

Well, when we moved to wordpress, we lost the original dates articles were published, and simply republished everything again. Here is a general rule of thumb, if the article is dated before December 11th, 2012, then it was actually published sometime between 2002 and 2012, all articles past December 11th, 2012 are dated correctly.

Hey where’s [insert anime/manga/game title here]?

Not in the Review Database.


No one on staff has decided to review it yet.

It will be reviewed eventually right? 

That is entirely up to the priorities and whims of the staff.

Your staff is incompetent: they marked X lower then Y! How could they do such an unthinkable? 

Well, if you feel that Y is better then X, you are more then welcome to submit a review to the Database Section of our forums. Other points of view are very much appreciated, as long as they are presented in a clear and logical manner.

How are reviews graded here?

Each title is graded on different components: anime are broken down into plot, character, impact, animation and audio; manga into plot, characters, impact and animation; games into plot/premise, gameplay, characters, audio, visuals, and impact. The overall score is not an average of the components, but rather, an evaluation of the final quality of the piece.

What are the grades out of? 

Each grade is awarded on a scale that runs from 0.00 to 10.00 with .25 increments.

What does the impact grade mean? 

The Impact grade reflects how much the reviewer enjoyed the piece and any emotional attachment (joy, humour, sadness, etc…) felt as a result.

Investigative Reports
What are Investigative Reports? 

Investigative Reports are editorials, interviews, reports, or in-depth essays dealing with any aspect of anime/manga/games.

I’ve noticed a few reports co-written with people not listed on your staff. Who are these people? 

We like to call them Mercenary Agents.

How do I become a Mercenary Agent? 

To be a Mercenary Agent, you must be approached by a member of staff to assist in writing an Investigative Report, or be approved by a member of the Command.

What if I have a really good Investigative Report, but no Anime Secrets Staff member co-wrote it with me? 

You can submit it to the Database Forum which is located here, and if you really want to have it published on the site, contact a member of the Command.

How do I join staff as a reviewer? 

We periodically open competitions when we feel the need.

What can applicants expect to appear on an application? 

At the bare minimum, expect to write a sample review and maybe fill out a short questionnaire.

I’ve heard the term Phase II mentioned, what does that mean? 

Phase II entails the narrowing of a competition field to three candidates. These applicants are then required to perform a task for us such as writing a second sample review or attending an in-depth interview with the Selection Committee. Phase II may or may not occur depending on circumstances.

How are applications processed? 

All applications are evaluated by a panel of judges, usually consisting of the Commanders and staff members of the Command’s choosing.

Is there bias? 

It’s hard for bias to appear. We censor out names of the applicants when the applications are distributed. If you believe that you have been unfairly passed over, send a formal complaint along with your evidence to a Commander.

Can I bribe you? 

Sure, how much money you got? American, Canadian, Euros, and Yen are all accepted. No bribing in Timbits.