Dirty Harrington


Struck down by an army of Mechanical Beasts led by the villainous Baron Ashura, the Mazinger Z super robot is turned against the legendary heroes of Earth. Thought killed in battle, the Mazinger Z’s pilot Kabuto Kouji stumbles across an old laboratory, only to find hidden inside the new king of super robots! Taking this mechanical behemoth, Kouji heads off to battle the evil forces of Dr. Hell! This is the end of Mazinger Z! All hail MazinKaiser!

Lady Sage

Otakon 2007

For yet another year, Baltimore hosted the largest Japanese animation fan convention on the East Coast, Otakon, on July 20th through the 22nd at the Baltimore Convention Center (BCC). The attendance topped 20,000 eager participants for the fourth straight year, a testament to the con’s staying power and the loyalty of the fans. As always, there were many different things to see and experience, ranging from industry panels where companies……..