Name: Sabrina
Date of birth: 07/12/90
E-Mail address: Amaranth[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Anime/Manga Agent
Area(s) of focus: Anime/Manga
Nationality: American

In the heart of a dying city, a young girl spent her days alone, running through twisted streets, struggling to survive. Losing her parents to the crippling disease the city’s smog had created, young Amaranth was forced to learn to fend for herself. On the run from any orphanage that might try to contain her, the girl made her new home in an abandoned underground tomb in a nearby graveyard. Constantly in search of something to distract her from the hardship of life in the dilapidated environment, Amaranth turned to reading as her escape. From the time she first began the English language, Amaranth became fascinated with words. She would read anything she could get her hands on, even once getting through an entire dictionary with no outside provocation. For many years, this was Amaranth’s way of life.

One day, the young woman returned to the cemetery to find that her beloved dwelling place had been ripped from the ground to make room for more grave sites to keep up with the city’s rapidly accelerating mortality rate. Unsure of where to go, Amaranth ran to the city’s library, the closest thing she had left to a sanctuary. Hiding among the bookshelves, she drowned her sorrows in fictional stories of faraway places. It was here that she first unearthed a new type of story from a distant land: manga. These stories, hailing from the other side of the world, contained new adventures Amaranth had only been able to dream about. Unlike other books she had read, these foreign texts contained captivating artwork to aid in telling the exciting tales within. Instantly, Amaranth had fallen in love with the works that she discovered.

Realizing that she could no longer run through the streets alone, Amaranth set out to find a more suitable place of habitation. Walking through the dark alleyways downtown, the young woman found a flyer advertising a need for new recruits to join an organization known only as Anime Secrets. Upon further investigation, she realized that the group served to spread knowledge of her beloved manga to the world, so that others might know of its beauty. With nothing left to hold her down, Amaranth made her way to the mountain ranges of Quebec in the hopes that this organization could provide her with the true home that she had been denied for so long. Upon proving her vast love and knowledge of the manga she had studied (and after a rather extensive decontamination process), Amaranth was welcomed into the alliance with open arms. To this day, she does their work in the hopes that the wonderful stories she uncovered that fateful day will be more easily found by other lonely children, in need of their own escape.

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