Name: Eric
Date of birth: 3/6/90
E-Mail address: Dante[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Gaming Agent
Area(s) of focus: Games
Status: Active Duty
Nationality: American

Dusk. A small boy lost in the wilderness. He discovers a sword and pulls it from the stone in which it is encased. A typical Camelot story, except without the perks. Fighting his way to the top, he strived to become the best in anything he tried.

Now, his next goal is to spread word about the greatest videogames of all time. His journey on the road to his goal has led him to the elite agency known as Anime Secrets. Using their advanced technology he will be able to spread word about the greatest games ever conceived to the masses. With that goal in mind, Dante plans on making the world a better place, one gamer at a time.

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