Name: Clarissa
Date of birth: 10/20/87
E-Mail address: Hitmage[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Investigative Agent
Area(s) of focus: Japan, Conventions
Nationality: American

Straight out of the urban cyberpunk sprawl of the West Coast, Hitmage got his name for his skills as a magic using assassin, and he quickly made a name for himself with fearsome crime groups such as the Yakuza and Triads. Sly, witty, slick and dangerous, Hitmage grew up learning all the skills he needed to become even more dangerous and stealthy, learning all sorts of weapon masteries and tactics, using his razor sharp intellect (and blades) to keep himself alive. He soon set up shop in Portland, Oregon, having connections to the shady underworld of Portland’s own Chinatown.

He got a tip from one of his employers with the Portland Triads that there was a secret organization in the mountains of Canada, and that he should do some further investigation. Hearing the only way in was with a proficiency with anime, which Hitmage had proven at a young age thanks to Portland being the home of Dark Horse Comics. After securing transport and entry, he soon got an idea on how to liven things up.

Hitmage decided that, in addition gunslinging, sword swinging, and magical assassinations, he’d try his hand at undercover journalism. With the pen and sword in hand, he takes an indsider’s look at the world of anime, gaming, and just about everything else. While he does still do wetwork when he isn’t doing reviews or columns, he does what he can to bring a unique edge to the world of journalism.

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