Name: Katie
Date of birth: 12/15/89
E-Mail address: Kuroi[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Administration Officer
Area(s) of focus: Database Maintenance
Nationality: American

In the tradition of the truly odd, Chira spent her first few years being raised by eagles. Not wolves, like normal children who get abandoned in the woods, but eagles. Thus, when she was adopted at the age of five by an overly accepting and possibly brainwashed English teacher, she always felt the need to wear a pair of wings on her back at all times. She also felt the odd desire, at times, to jump off of branches, and be in high places.

Somehow, the eagle-brained girl made it through life without any major injuries, and an even odder love of cats. (A quality which her eagle relatives, whom she sometimes visited, didn’t quite take to) Through a strange twist of fate, she found out about genetic recombination and anime about the same time, and got it into her head that she should become a geneticist to try to graft a pair of actual wings onto her back. However, Chira is not one for silence when it comes to grammatical mistakes, due to a rigorous training in the vague and often nonsensical ways of the English language that mysteriously resembled ancient training methods taught in Yokohama. At her school, even as a lowly freshman, she not only corrects classmates, professors, and herself, but the radio and local television stations. Thus, she was taken in by AS to correct grammatical errors and drive herself insane wondering just which phrase would best fit what the reviewer meant and whether or not there should be a comma there.

The youngest in the Agency, her codename is taken after her adoptive eagle brother, who is the (literally) black sheep of the family. No, he’s not a sheep, he’s just black, and in a family of golden eagles, that’s pretty odd. He’s rather protective of Chira, and often gets her good flight deals so that she can feed her addiction to cons around the country.

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