Name: David
Date of birth: 9/9/85
E-Mail address: Miki[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Vice Commander (Editor in Chief)
Previous Rank(s): Administration Officer
Area(s) of focus: Database Maintenance
Nationality: American

Ohio. It brings to mind expanses of farmland and sports teams that are just never quite good enough to win a championship.

There was once a boy who grew up there and cared not for the boring flat plains, so he embarked on a quest to discover a wonderful place with varying altitudes to suit him.

One day, years later, while hiking across the Laurentians Mountains, he found something he was not meant to find… and soon some armored guards arrived to make sure he wouldn’t tell another soul. They arrested him and locked him up. The future looked grim.

While bored to tears in his detention cell, he began humming a tune. A passing guard knew it was familiar to him, but couldn’t figure out where he’d heard it before. After immediately taking the matter to his superior, they determined it was the theme song from a Japanese animated television program that aired in the 1980s and they decided to release him immediately.

They apologized for holding him captive. In a newspaper left in the lobby he saw an ad for an open position there. He expressed an interest and after some consideration they decided to allow him in as a new agent. He took on the code name Miki.

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