Name: Mira
Date of birth: 3/3/1972
E-Mail address: mira [at] animesecrets [dot] org
Rank: Anime Agent
Area(s) of focus: Anime
Nationality: American

A little known fact about secret agents is they are pigs. They also have poor nutrition and let’s not even start on their ability to dress themselves appropriately. Mira has been plying the Internet with her domestic and maternal care for longer than anyone cares to remember (least of all Mira herself), so it seemed only natural for her to join the Anime Secrets team when she stumbled upon them in their unkempt, under loved and definitely under mothered state.

When Mira is not offering her ample maternal instincts to errant A.S. agents, she devotes herself to the care and feeding of two young daughters, a techie husband, two dogs, two cats, a nest of ladybugs, a garden and various volunteer organizations. She’s also a Girl Scout and a Sunday School teacher. No one knows where this acute compulsion to mother comes from, but it can’t be denied that agents work better with full tummies and encouragement, so the Command decided to let Mira stay.

Luckily for Anime Secrets, Mira is a rare breed of soccer mom, one that actually encourages otaku-dom in her offspring and, in fact, watches large amounts of anime. So in addition to keeping the lair clean, for “Lord’s sake,” Mira doesn’t hesitate to assume the occasional investigation.

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