Name: Dave
Date of birth: 7/14/85
E-Mail address: DaveK[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Head of Gaming Division
Area(s) of focus: Games
Status: Active Duty
Nationality: Canadian

Born in Cold Tundra of the Canadian Arctic and spending the first 9 years of his life hunting seals and building igloos, Dave K moved to the U.S. border when his father got a job as a border patrolman. It was this twist of fate that led Dave K to play his first video-game ever, Pong. Dave K then learned from his father that there were more advanced games to be had and soon became addicted when his father began bringing home smuggled video games from America. This led to some very anti-social behaviour but Dave K was a gaming wiz. However, his father’s activities got him fired when he was finally caught and so Dave K’s family had to move back up to the arctic to once again hunt seals and live in an igloo. But when Dave turned 17 he moved down to the U.S. border again to quench his lust for video games. His naivety led him to become a fan of Microsoft and the X-Box. He also is trying to catch up on all the games he missed in his early childhood, an awesome undertaking if there ever was one. We wait with baited breath to see what he can do.

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