Name: Bing
Date of birth: 9/24/87
E-Mail address: Loner[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Anime Agent
Area(s) of focus: Anime
Nationality: Chinese

From the murky jungles of gargantuan cement blocks in a miniscule islet in the South China Sea, this young, impressionable agent came to join the ranks of Anime Secrets Agency. Once touted as the most promising young super spy by the Communist Party leaders, he was quickly brainwashed by the wonders of capitalism on his first mission to Hong Kong. Sent there to study the weird animations from Japan and try to derive their political undertones, he found himself quickly fascinated by the beautiful works of Studio Ghibli. Cutting off all communications with the Central Government, this young agent fled to the Laurentian base for refuge, and was accepted as one of their ranks.

Although he still carries a small, red book around and occasionally breaks into a bizarre dance routine that apparently only Vice-Commander Kuzu Ryu Sen can understand, he has nevertheless embraced the local traditions very quickly. In particular, he is fascinated by a weird game played on ice. On a mission to the glaciers of Sweden, he fought with a hideous, giant red griffin, and only managed to survive when the monster was buried by a huge ball of snow that suddenly fell from the mountain top. From this incident, he has developed an inexplicable love for avalanches, and utmost hatred for anything with red-colored wings. Even though he appears difficult to approach and often lurks in a dark corner, he has nevertheless become a valuable asset to the Agency.

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