Name: Adam
Date of birth:
E-Mail address: Munky[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Commander of Security Division
Area(s) of focus: Anime and Games
Nationality: American

Dr Munky, a scientist from America sets out to the deep heart of the jungles of Africa, to attempt to discover a cure for a recent disease spreading in the primate population. While on a trail deep in the African jungles he was abducted by a band of ancient tribal men and taken to their campsite where he discovers a multi-millionaire dollar drug scandal in action. For nearly a week after Dr. Munky managed to stay low and learn from the primitives, who kidnapped him and bring him to their village, desired for nothing more then to be freed from this captivity of enslavement in this drug operation.

Immediately after being released from the village, Dr. Munky travels to the small camp set up a few miles away from the village. Upon arrival the Scientist demands this drug scandal end or else the local authorities would be notified. A brawl broke out during which Munky was pushed into a container of oozing red liquid. The next morning Munky awoke to find half the encampment in destruction and the other section annihilated. The events of what occurred that night were never clear to anyone, the ringleader of the scandal was in prison. In the aftermath of the drug scandal Dr. Munky discovered the cause for the disease and created an antidote, which was given to the village men to administrate on any disease stricken primate…but this wasn’t the only discovery to be made.

Two months later while on vacation in South Asia, Dr. Munky came across a man from India who’d been in search of Dr. Munky ever since the news spread on the drug scandal and the mysterious destruction of the entire premises. After much convincing that this man held the answer to the question millions world wide were asking (how was such a big complex destroyed and the only survivor did not have any clues regarding the matter) Dr. Munky consented to meet him. The following day Munky arrived to an old warehouse to discover a similar red liquid in which Munky was bathed in before during the struggle at the warehouse. Next to the container stood a man codenamed Drake.

Drake explained to Dr. Munky that the container was indeed the same as the one he fell into two months prior. He further explained the contents of this container to give off dangerous elements that alter a man’s intelligence to be one hundred fold better, strength beyond imagination. However these enhancements come at a horrible price of living only half the expected life of a human accompanied by a transformation that occurs every twenty-seven-earth rotations into an undisclosed beast. . Drake also explained that his newly founded Agency was in dire need a man such as Dr. Munky’s skills in science and in return Dr. Munky could use the resources controlled by Drake to complete a sermon Drake’s scientists are producing to cure Munky’s disease. A few short months later Munky was able to make an antidote to gain control of his beast side.

Seeing the great improvement in Munky’s condition, Drake promoted Dr. Munky to the Co-Commander of the Anime Secrets Agency and Commander of Security Division.

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