Name: Ian
Date of birth: 08/26/84
E-Mail address: Niner[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Anime Agent
Area(s) of focus: Anime
Nationality: American

Seeking to escape the realm of idiocy that surrounds many an anime site, Niner stumbled upon Anime Secrets. He was pleased to find that its staff and community were all card-carrying members of the “Above 130 IQ Club”, and so he decided to enlist. After much intense studying of the reviews in the Agency’s database, Niner felt he was ready to step up and help in shaping the future of Anime Secrets. His recruitment into the Agency took some time, much to the dismay of his trusty sidekick sohryu, but eventually he was accepted into the ranks of the AS Staff.

Part of the newest generation of AS personnel, Niner brings a unique skillset to the Agency as well as nigh-irresistable charm and wit. An avid fencer and swimmer, he possesses knowledge and experience in the field of covert operations and infiltration. He manages to balance his responsibilities at Anime Secrets and pursue his law degree at the same time. With his sometimes unorthodox, but always sound law expertise, he can usually bail the Agency out of any sticky legal dilemma.

When not performing his duties at AS, Niner can usually be found engaging in his many hobbies, which include being lazy, sleeping, drinking, hitting on pretty girls, visiting his favorite places (California and Ireland), traversing the internet and monitoring IRC communications.

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