Name: Eldred
Date of birth: 8/15/84
E-Mail address: Orax[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Vice-Head of Manga
Area(s) of focus: Anime and Manga
Nationality: American

Isn’t it ironic that the person whose signature Orax clicked on in a forum was none other than Junior Vice Commander Kuzu Ryu Sen? This signature linked to none other than Anime Secrets. Perhaps it was fate that guided his hand that day, but lo’ and behold, Orax is now an agent diligently working to improve the site and expanding its reviews.

Orax is currently a student at Case Western Reserve University studying to be a Computer Engineer. He’ll be entering his junior year and slowly making his own dream a reality. Orax likes to play tennis whenever he’s motivated enough to rise out of his chair and also loves a warm meal of rice and beans to fill his empty stomach.

When Orax isn’t a slave under the direct punishment of Junior Vice Commander Kuzu Ryu Sen, and watching anime, he’s mopping the floors of some boat whose name escapes him. Trying to act cool, he imagines himself being one of the great men of the sea whose pride and seamanship dazzles even the most apathetic at heart. He might be working jobs that are equivalent of a janitor, however, it is the dream the fuels his very essence and soul. Without these essential things, he couldn’t even attempt to become one of the great men of the sea. Let this be a lesson to all who journey for the peace of the calm waters.

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