Name: John
Date of birth: 6/03/88
E-Mail address: Phate[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Administration Officer
Previous Rank(s): Head of Anime Division
Area(s) of focus: Anime, Manga, Database Maintenance
Nationality: American

Phate came across Anime Secrets back in the summer of 2003 when Commander Drake posted a Help Wanted sign outside the Anime Secrets HQ, where he just happened to be roaming by; intrigued, Phate sent in an application. With his nigh-undisputed hacking and scripting skills, along with his talent at writing, he was soon accepted in. Since then he has been keeping maintenance of the main computer terminal along with sending in monthly field and/or weapons reports as a Secret Agent, as well as gracing the Agency with his unique and lovable persona.


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