Name: Mariana
Date of birth: 8/30/85
E-Mail address: Sohryu[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Administration Officer
Area(s) of focus: Database Maintenance
Nationality: American

If there’s one thing this agent hates, it’s careless writers. Lazy slacker college students that care too much about silly philosophy shouldn’t be reviewers! The same goes for those kids that think that just because they churn out review after review, they’re better reviewers than the rest. Well, this agent has got news for them, they aren’t! Maybe if the lazy staff at Anime Secrets were half as good as they all think they are they wouldn’t have had to hire an editor to look over their reviews. Thankfully, the staff isn’t perfect, so they sought the expertise of a cocky little anime fan named sohryu to balance things out.

Hopelessly in love with Vice-Commander Kuzu, sohryu can usually be found hanging off his every word, lounging around his office, or begging for his help whenever her computer decides that it hates her. She also enjoys sleeping, shopping, reading, and pestering the other agents, mainly Niner and Erigion.