Name: Nick
Date of birth: 3/23/87
E-Mail address:
Rank: Gaming Agent
Area(s) of focus: Video Games
Status: Active Duty
Nationality: American


Agent Shadow has never been officially part of U.S. Military operations and is only a spook.  While this is the official story, Agent Shadow has worked for -REDACTED- since his arrival on Earth on -REDACTED- at -REDACTED- via a supposed -REDACTED-.

It is believed that his home planet, which is called -REDACTED- seems to suffer from -REDACTED- that somehow defy all natural order and seem to move his race of -REDACTED- around by accident.  He has been search of his mate Snow since they were seperated on -REDACTED-.  It is the opinion of ONI that Shadow may have gone AWOL to find her, and that Snow works with -REDACTED-.

The agent in question stands at 6 feet when in human form, but favors an anthro form that strongly resembles his -REDACTED- heritage.   His primary focus seems to be blades, but also has trained in our worlds firearms and favors the military’s -REDACTED- as his favorite.

His military rank of -REDACTED- never stopped him from getting into the classified -REDACTED- -REDACTED- -REDACTED- on several occasions.  This led to the discovery of his -REDACTED- abilities which were later used in Operation -REDACTED- which lead to the death of -REDACTED-, a top U.S. Terror Target.

Shadow has also proven himself a capable ground warrior that works well with a squad.  The agent’s proficiency at CQC was shown in Operation -REDACTED-, the POS mission in Northern -REDACTED- in response to -REDACTED-.

Since that mission, the agent has seemed to favor anime, culture, and gaming.  While the belief of the JCOS is that it is harmless, his demeanor changed before Operation -REDACTED-.  He has since talked about tracking down -REDACTED- to find Snow, and even hacked ONI’s -REDACTED- to locate the compound.

It is believed that Shadow went AWOL during Operation -REDACTED- to leave to -REDACTED-.  His prized sniper rifle was found on the field of battle with a large amount of his confirmed blood nearby.  Though the JCOS attempted to recover Shadow in Operation Cage, he was not found.  As a result, we request to list Agent Shadow as KIA, and should he be found, will not be persued.

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