Name: Teresa
Date of birth: 08/13/88
E-Mail address: Skie[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Secret Agent
Area(s) of focus: Anime
Status: Active Duty
Nationality: Canadian

Where land, sky and sea meet in a beautiful blend of North American metropolis and international culture, British Columbia is rich with events and – most importantly – Japanese culture.  Born and raised in a city steeped in Asian cultures, one young woman learned to love anime and its many facets from an early age.

Fostering this love of all things anime, she grew and graduated and moved on to make her mark in the world.  It was while putting her degree to use that this young woman was on a hike in the Laurentian wilderness, marveling at the geography and geology of the terrain, when fate intervened and she was nearly run down but a convoy of trucks and jeeps.  Military vehicles in a hiking reserve was odd enough to pique her curiosity, causing her to draw close.
How she was not spotted, she would never know, but when she found the camp the convoy had made, there was much heated debate of the apparent philosophies and in-world implications thereof for  anime ranging from Trigun to Ergo Proxy and Elfen Leid.  Intrigued, she drew even closer and could not contain herself anymore as the debate and the campfire beckoned – she burst from the trees and sat down to talk culpability, cultural development and repercussion, in-world politics and psychology of those same anime wiith these strange military men.  Impressed with her vigour and knowledge, the agents spoke Anime Secrets and gave her and easy choice : join or be silenced.

Thus began the employment of Agent Skie, geographer turned secret agent.  When not marveling at rocks and rivers she reviews anime of a fantasy nature and has a soft spot for anything winged or draconic.

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