Name: Sheila
Date of birth: 6/10/87
E-Mail address: Snow[at]animesecrets[dot]org
Rank: Administration Officer
Area(s) of focus: Database Maintenance
Nationality: American

Snow hails from a large, gorgeous, mostly green planet on the outer edges of the galaxy, a place where no human foot has ever trod. Rather, beings that humans would, upon first sight, probably call “weres” inhabit the planet. They are not, in fact, weres (werewolves, weretigers, etc.), but are races in their own rights, typically possessing great intelligence and forming complex, highly-functional societies, where each member has a place and each place has a purpose.

One day, Snow, a white-furred Arctic giant of a wolven (wolf-race), was wandering around on her own, when she happened upon what looked like a rabbit hole. With thoughts of lunch in mind, Snow dug her way into the hole and crept through. Much to her surprise, she found herself falling upwards. Caught by surprise, she could find no way to stop the fall, and landed ungraciously on her tail in a cold place into which only a dim light emitted from some distant point. Snow followed the light, emerging finally from another hole in a place called a “park.” Everyone thought she was something they called a “stray,” and after a time, men with long poles to which were attached nooses began chasing her. Snow ran as fast as she could, easily out-pacing the men and running far from the park. Snow found that when she walked upright and asked someone where she was, everyone thought she was something they called a “cosplayer” and left her alone, so she decided that this was the way to get about in this world.

For several days, Snow wandered the area. She had first tried to find the hole out of which she had come and crawl back through, but it had sealed itself up. Frustrated, a little frightened, and hungry, Snow wandered the area, following her nose through a labyrinth of buildings into one that smelled of food. Alas, she could not find the food, so she climbed a nearby set of stairs in search of a place to sleep, for it was getting dark. Laughter caught her attention as she neared the top, and she followed the sound to a closed-off room. She knocked on the door, which was opened by none other than Lord Drake. Immediately, he knew that Snow was no cosplayer and asked for her story. Upon hearing her excellent command of grammar, Lord Drake asked Snow to join his crew, promising to grant her access to everything anime so that she could search for a way home. Until she finds that way home, Snow has agreed to help Lord Drake on his mission and is quickly learning how to use a keyboard, though her large paws and long claws make it a bit difficult.