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Love Stage!! : Episode 01 Review

Love Stage!! introduces the audience to Izumi Sena, a college student who dreams of becoming a manga artist in a family where entertainment is the career path of choice. Despite all of the opportunities and offers for help Izumi has received, he declines them all because his heart lay in pursuit of manga; he even joined the Manga Club at school to better his drawing.

Kouichi Kimura

Katsucon 20

After attending Katsucon 19 in an unofficial capacity and staying in the wonderful Gaylord National Harbor Hotel, I absolutely HAD to give this convention another go. This time, I was even under direction to attend the World Cosplay Summit Eastern Regional Qualifiers held at Katsucon!


Yowamushi Pedal – First Impressions

The start of high school always means selecting a club for new students. For Onoda Sakamichi, it seems like an easy choice. Being a closet otaku to whom Akihabara is the promised land, and wanting nothing more than to have friends he can talk about anime and manga with, it’s definitely be the anime club.