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Ressha Sentai ToQger: Episode 08-10 Review

Ten episodes in, and things for Ressha Sentai ToQger are starting to feel stagnant. Nothing really significant has occurred so far, other than new Support Ressha acquisitions (extra zords, for those unfamiliar) and some character development. The plot has remained more or less stationary since the start of the series. Despite this, I’ve been enjoying this sentai series a lot.


Short Peace

In “Possessions,” a traveling artisan gets lost in a storm and seeks shelter in an unkempt shrine in the middle of the forest. “Combustible” follows two childhood friends as they grow up and apart. “Gambo” is a white bear demon being hunted by a renegade samurai. When he meets the last daughter of a village being terrorized by a large red demon, the two are able to understand each other and he sets off to set things right. In “A Farewell to Weapons,” a team of weapon diffusers is sent to neutralize and dismantle leftover weapons from a war that has left Tokyo decimated. When the hunt moves underground, an old subway line becomes the crucible to determine what men and machines are really made of.