English Title: Please! Teacher OVA
Also Known As: OT OVA
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Format: 1 OVA
Allegiance: GENCO
Director: Ide Yasunori
Vintage: 2003
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
After spending nearly a year dodging friends and annoying relatives, it seems Kei and Mizuho can finally have some time to themselves on their honey moon. Sadly, their honeymoon is cut short when Mizuho’s mom and little sister come back and begin interfering in their love lives. Can the young lovers withstand the pounding that ensues?

Field Agent Report by: Drake
Overall 5.50
(not an average)

Being the great fan of Onegai Teacher that I am, I decided I’d check into the follow up OVA and see whether or not it can measure up. I walked into this anime not expecting very much in terms of evolving plot, seeing that this OVA is only the length of the standard episode of Onegai Teacher: twenty to twenty-five minutes. However I was expecting a last good taste of Onegai Teacher before I saw its sequelOnegai Twins.

First off the art has changed quite a bit, actually decreasing in quality from the original Onegai Teacher. In the original series the characters looked and acted like real people but in the OVA this is not the case. Where animation is lacking, the anime picks up in audio. What can I say; the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” attitude is clearly the perspective the creators took to the OVA. Fans of Onegai Teacher will recognize the OST from the series.

Sadly, this anime brings nothing new to the series in terms of character development or plot movement. Its main purpose is to serve as filler and give fans one final taste of the Onegai Teacher world with a load of fan service. It even fails to give ample screen time to all of the side characters, who receive just a momentary screening. The whole plot revolves around the idea of having Kei and Mizuho deal with Mizuho’s relatives teaching them a few lessons in life.

With much regret, I can’t recommend the Onegai Teacher OVA to anyone wanting another taste of the series, unless you are interested in an anime filled with fan service or just absolutely crave one last taste of Onegai Teacher.

  • Those pictures are from EP 13 i wan not even aware they made an OVA. If they did i have yet to hear about it. Onegai Teacher stopped on 13 not 12. That and i have to say as far as that goes even if it was an OVA it did wrap up the series showing that they were able to cross the purely physical barrier of their relationship.

    • AnimeSecrets

      Hello Ichigo,

      Episode 13 is not apart of the TV Series Onegai Teacher, its a ova that takes place after the series ends. If I am not mistaken, the OVA gets mistaken as episode 13 quite a bit due to being packaged with the DVDs and such. However they are two separate things.

      As for the OVA wrapping up the series. I actually respectfully disagree with you there. The TV show ended perfectly at the close, and didn’t really need this. It is implied that at some point in the future after the series ended that the physical barrier of intimacy would be breached, but we as viewers don’t need to actually see this on screen. It was just there for fan-service to excite the fan boys of circa 2003 as Mizuho was pretty popular back then.

      – Drake