Aiura: Episode 04 Review

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Reconnaissance Report by: Kitsune
Progress: Episode 4

AIURA promoI’m three more episodes (so like 12 more minutes) into the series now, and nothing very memorable has happened. The main character’s name is Ayuko, and she is basically devoid of personality, merely serving as the voice of reason for her two friends, Kanaka and Saki (who really aren’t even that frivolous…just somewhat annoying). This time around, I’ve chosen to give the series a lower score…not because it’s really gotten worse, but because it hasn’t really built into anything noteworthy. I think it could more or less develop into an anime like Lucky Star (with a very loose storyline, but still entertaining), however it has failed to do so thus far. Considering the episodes are so short, it just might but I’m beginning to become doubtful.

Score: 5.00/10.00