Arata: The Legend: Episode 7 Review

Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Miki
Progress: Episode 1

Arata the Legend-promo-pictureThe shape of events in Amawakuni after the loss of the princess is becoming clearer as Akashi, one of Kannagi’s fellow Shinsho, starts trying to gather other Hayagami as his own. Arata Hinohara figures out more of his role, and how he’ll go about fulfilling it. Meanwhile, on Earth, black-haired Arata is causing all kinds of extraneous mishaps for Hinohara’s family and ex-friends.

Yes, extraneous is the right word for the black-haired Arata. He practically flaunts his cluelessness and disregard for Earth norms or the way he presents himself… oh, but he manages to unnecessarily change his clothes for some reason (considering his appearance to Earthlings is the exact same as Hinohara) and fit in at least a little, something Hinohara has yet to do (save for one brief scene) in Amawakuni.

Aside from these little inconsistencies, the plot also suffers from telegraphing every big moment and not sparing any of the melodrama those moments inevitably entail. It’s almost insulting. In addition to that, the anime glosses over other elements that feel like they should be more monumental than the series makes them out to be.

The visual effects are notably lame yet again, and the soundtrack shows how hard the show is trying and falling flat. A scene involving a chase that’s supposed to be funny? Bring out the slide whistle! Sorry, but a slide whistle is not supposed to make the humor, it’s supposed to accentuate it.

To be fair, though, there ARE interesting elements at play here. It’s definitely setting up nice contrasts between truth and lies, as well as between peace and violence. There are powers at play that utilize either of both dualities, and seeing them intermix is keeping Arata the Legend from sinking to complete mediocrity. It’ll be interesting to see how prevalent those factors are, and how quickly.

Episode 1 Score: 5/10

Episode 4 Score:  6.25/10

Episode 7 Score: 6.50/10