Attack on Titan: Episode 10 Review by Miki

Japanese Title: Shingeki no Kyoujin
Reconnaissance Report by: Miki
Progress: Episode 10

attack on titanAfter some fancy strategizing by Armin and a startling revelation about what could be humanity’s best chance against the Titans, the last two episodes largely take place in the exact same corner of the city in one of the stupidest standoffs in anime history. After it finally resolves, it seems that the story might finally be back on track, even if the episode subtitle remains a continuation of the last 6.

You’d like to think that Officers are chosen for their commands based on some kind of merit. Exactly how this captain, whose logic processes are flawed – if present at all – got his command when he has more thoughtful troops beneath him is beyond me. I understand that some would complain about seniority-based promotion in the real world and not having the luxury to be picky in wartime, but the degree of this captain’s ineptitude can’t be excused. He represents blind loyalty, but I feel like this theme is covered in so many things that to choose to make this stretch of episodes an object lesson in being open-minded is unnecessary and only serves to cheapen and weigh down this series.

Despite this one stupid character and drawn-out scenes of inner monologue of the main characters, (without which the last three episodes would have takentwo, at most), it’s not a bad stretch of the show and overall the quality remains pretty high.

Episode 10 score: 8.75/10