State of Gaming

Sony Corporation Breached…..TWICE…..With a Twist

My job at Anime Secrets is to report to you guys the gaming news that goes on in our region. Do I really get to report all the gaming news out there? Of course not. That’s because I wouldn’t have time for a life, or work. I’m keen on getting you the small yet juicy nuggets that don’t get out there as well as really big news provided no one talks it to death before I get to it. Sony’s security breach was just that: talked to death before I could really sweep in on it.


Portal 2: Potatoes Fuel Glados?

Ever since the birth of Portal in 2007, gamers across the world have eagerly been awaiting a sequel game, myself included. This video game is slated to be one of the most anticipated games of 2011, however nothing we dreamed up in the weeks leading to this moment could have truly prepared us for the return of GLaDOS. Not only has she returned for Portal 2, but she has infected thirteen other video games developed by Indie Studios; titles such as Defense Grid: The Awakening,


No Place for Hideo? Or Just a Very Big Promotion?

On March 30th, it was announced that Hideo Kojima, famed writer/director/producer of the beloved Metal Gear Gearand Metal Gear Solid series, had achieved a massive promotion within Konami, the company that he works for and that covers his games. The change became effective on April 1st (hmmm……just in time for April Fool’s day), but it was no joke. Before I get into the details of Kojima’s new job, though, let’s have a small recap of who Kojima is.

Current Events

GameStop Power Up Rewards 2010

Today, I went in to GameStop, my coveted gaming hidey hole, to trade in some old games that were collecting dust on my entertainment center and I got a surprise. Sure, I’m like everyone else and watch TV, but hadn’t seen any of the commercials about their new rewards program. How does it work? What is it? Are there options? Does this make my EDGE card completely useless? Is there anything new? If you’ll hold on to your controller long enough, I’ll