Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler

After graduating high school, Kaiji moves to Tokyo to find work, but is unable. Two years pass and nothing changes. In these two years, Kaiji begins drinking cheap liquor, gambling, and playing small pranks such as slashing tires. This all changes one day when Kaiji is paid a visit by a debt collector named Endo who informs Kaiji that he owes money on a loan he cosigned with a coworker. The amount is staggering, and Kaiji is offered a choice: spend the next ten to fifteen years paying back debts, or board a gambling ship, Espoir (hope in French), for one night, gambling with loaned money to repay his debt and maybe even turn a small profit. However, if he fails to win the gamble he will be forced into the most brutal of manual labor for two years. Unknown to Kaiji, he is being set up by Endo to enter and fail. Can Kaiji overcome the gamble aboard the Espoir, or has he just sealed his fate?