CyPhaCon 2013

CyPhaCon 2013 Review by Alaska

CyPhaCon is a small convention, only in its third year, held at the Lake Charles Civic Center. The convention is mostly sci-fi-oriented, but it also hosts many gaming- and anime-focused panels and events. Considering that this was my first time attending CyPhaCon and being a cosplay guest, I had a great time.

New in Japan

Red Data Girl: Initial Thoughts

I just started watching Red Data Girl. It seems really cute. It’s about a young girl by the name of Izumiko Suzuhara who has a strange power – whenever she touches an electronic device, it breaks. Because of this, her guardian recommends that she attend a new school in Tokyo. Accompanying her is his son, Miyuki Sagara. Miyuki has been asked to watch over Izumiko during her stay at this new school.