Black Butler

Twelve-year-old earl Ciel Phantomhive is the head of the popular Funtom Company, a British corporation that specializes in toy-making and sweets. At the bidding of Queen Victoria, the young orphan frequently dives into the seedy underbelly of London to solve various societal and political problems, earning him the nickname of “The Queen’s Guard Dog.” As the rest of the mansion’s servants are generally portrayed as a band of bumbling misfits, Ciel is forced to go to extreme measures to hire a butler of masterful skill to help him run the household and complete his fairly regular tasks for the Queen. Just how good is Sebastian Michealis? You might say he’s one hell of a butler…


Fall in Love Like a Comic!

A young junior high school student named Rena Sakura spends her spare time working as a mangaka at a popular, local publishing firm. The manga she creates consists of shoujo style romance stories, quite often with a slightly risqué premise. After the editor attempts to convince her that finding a boyfriend might provide good inspiration for future stories, Rena decides to ask the best looking, most popular boy in school, Tomoya Okita, to date her so that she can use the research for her work. Despite her strongest efforts to remain purely analytical, Rena finds herself slowly falling for Tomoya in ways she never originally intended.