Genre: Drama
Format: 1 Movie
Allegiance: Studio 4°C
Director: Nakazawa Kazuto
Vintage: 2001
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
Comedy takes place during the Irish War for Independence. As the war waged on, a small five-year-old girl begins to fear for the safety of her village and loved ones. Join this small girl on her journey as she travels to the ruined castle of legendary swordsman who is rumored to not accept payments of money for services. The only payment accepted is a book of an unknown genre.

Field Agent Report by: Drake
Overall 8.50
(not an average)

When I first heard of Comedy I imagined an anime which the producers considered to be the funniest of all time and thought it would be cute to name it Comedy. However I was greatly mistaken. This anime is nothing near funny or humorous. It’s more dark and depressing then anything else. From the beginning scenes the anime is non-stop dark and gloomy, not like it’s bright counterparts such as Onegai Teacher.

Putting aside all the gloominess and darkness of this anime has one frightening but yet interesting feature. The whole story of the 5 year old girl’s quest to bring the legendary swordsman to save her city takes place in less then 10 minutes. Regardless of time constraints, the anime fulfills its mission and gives the full story. The animation throughout the movie was very unusual. The darkness of the movie combined with the beautiful scenery shown through out with its fluid animations and with the impacting fight scene around the tail end of the movie.

Many people will argue this anime has the shallowest plot given the ten minute time constraints. However in Comedy this is no where near the case. It may take a few viewing to catch on to the idea but the character development is given through each minute movement and every word spoken. The plot itself is given to the audience in a narrative format giving for a more personal and intimate look at the substance of the story and people involved. One very well used technique in Comedy was the audio component. The music in it helped greatly in the process of bringing the story along and giving the viewers an adrenaline rush in the battle scene and calmed the viewers in the calm scenes of the movie but at the same time manages to leave a mysterious and dark feeling to the movie.

If it weren’t for the length of the movie Comedy would have been near perfect as a movie. However it does make up for the length in all other realms of the film. From the darkness in art and music to the well done characters and interesting plot, this movie has a lot of things going for it.