Digimon Adventure: Our War Game

Digimon Adventure: Bokura no War Game
Also Known As: Digimon Movie 2, Digi Movie 2, Digimon: Children’s War Game
Genre: Action
Format: 1 Movie
Allegiance: Toei Animation
Director: Hosoda Mamoru
Vintage: 2000
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
After the epic war against the Dark Masters in the Digital World, the eight Chosen Children have returned to their daily lives. However, a new virus has been released onto the internet, from which a new Digimon has been unleashed. The objective of the virus…eat all the data in the world. Can the scattered Chosen Children reunite once more and face this new bug?

Field Agent Report by: Drake
Overall 8.25
(not an average)

I’ve spent countless hours watching the first two seasons of Digimon and all its extensions in the form of movies such as Our War Game. Very few anime have truly captivated my interest in the way Digimonhas done. Sure, many people relate it to a younger audience, but there’s more to it then the basic layer of a ‘kiddie anime’ below the surface. That feeling of childishness mixed with the serious problems of a young adolescent burdened with the fate of his world makes this series all the more interesting.

The plot of Our War Game builds on the preexisting plot of Digimon 01. Concepts such as the Digital World are expanded with the introduction of internet battles and use of actual computer problems such as the Infamous Blue Screen of Death. Unlike many other series I’ve come across, the characters in Our War Game have developed past any expectations to which I held them. Romances between the Chosen Children are developing, and the characters learn to be mature and responsible as the series progresses. Together plot and characters bring this movie one step above its predecessors by introducing real life elements. Though not all characters get adequate screen time, they are at least given enough time to give us a feel for who they really are.

The two most significant transitional changes to be noted from the first movie to the second are the great improvement in art style by utilizing the bright colors as opposed to the dull shades featured in the 1st Movie and the wonderful soundtrack. Overall, this movie has a much better feel to it with the crisp and beautiful colors that can be found in Digimon 01Our War Game uses some old music from Movie 1 such as Ravel’s Bolero, Kouji Wada’s “Butter-fly,” and brings some “new” songs into the picture such as “Brave-heart” by Miyazaki Ayumi among many others to give a great feeling of exhilarating action.

Our War Game is a great add-on to the first season of Digimon. It evolves the characters and prepares them for the next season, and at the same time gives fans another side to the Digital World. This truly is a must have for any fan of the first season of Digimon. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.