Dragon Ball GT: Movie Special

Alternate English Title: Goku’s Sidestory! The Proof of His Courage is the Four-Star Ball
Japanese Title: Gokuu Gaiden! Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu
Also Known As: DBGT TV Special
Genre: Action
Format: 1 Movie
Allegiance: Toei Douga
Director: Kasai Osamu
Vintage: 1997
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
A hundred years after the events of DBGT, a new adventure rises. The Z-fighters from the past are all dead except one; Pan is now an old woman teaching her grandson to become a fighter like his ancestor Goku. However, her grandson, Goku Jr., is nothing at all like his ancestors, save his appetite for food. One day Goku comes home from school to find his grandmother in bad health; he is then forced to put aside his cowardly ways and find a courage that lies deep in him to find the four-star Dragon Ball. Can Goku find the Dragon Ball and save Pan from dying?

Field Agent Report by: Drake
Overall 6.25
(not an average)

In another attempt to keep the aged Dragon Ball series alive and kicking, Toei Douga made a Movie Special set a hundred years in the future after the events of DBGT. I know most of you are thinking “just another cash cow”, and while it is another cash cow, it was decent compared to its predecessors, even if this is a carbon copy of those Dragon Ball works that came before it. Many of you may question how anything with the words Dragon Ball be any where near decent? Well many things can attribute to that.

To start off, the DBGT: Movie Special had many similar components to DBGT, such as the animation, music and fight scenes. The music remained the same, keeping old songs as Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku. This was a good idea and helped make sure the OST was decent. Animation was no big step up at all from its predecessors; it had same the same horrifying animation style as GT

The story itself wasn’t anything groundbreaking but there were some decent jokes in it. The purpose behind the DBGT: Movie Special was to give old fans one last laugh and a parting glimpse of the Dragon Ballworld. The new characters such as Goku Jr. the comedy nicely, but this new generation of characters has nothing more to offer, as the majority of them are simply generic stereotypes.

Overall I cannot honestly recommend this movie to any one but a diehard DB/Z/GT fan. For anyone looking for a good movie to watch I think you’d be better off with some other action packed titles, such asRead or Die or Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.