Final Fantasy X

Also Known As: FFX, FF10
Genre: RPG
Platform: Playstation 2
Allegiance: Squaresoft
Vintage: 2001
Rating: T
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
Tidus is your normal everyday Blitzball player until he is sucked into a time drift and lands in a world called Spira. Now with the help of Lady Summoner Yuna, they must put an end to an evil called Sin and together over come the challenges before them.

Weapons Expert Report by: Drake 
Overall 7.75
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: Playstation 2 After a year and half of playing at my own leisure, I finally completed the tenth Final Fantasy game. At first glance people suspect that Final Fantasy X is the best Final Fantasy game out there. Then on the other hand those who just hear the term ‘Final Fantasy X‘ hate it with a passion due to the recent collapse of the FF line, and the reputation that any new FF is labeled with as a result. However, in many cases this game is a wonderful addition to the Final Fantasy collection, but is also a huge disappointment for the older generation of fans. First off the plot of Final Fantasy X was enough to blow some people away at the creativity. The story line was quite an original concept. They used many elements to their advantage, such bringing back mini games being embedded in the game. However I feel as a gamer a little variety would have been a nice change. Throughout the game the story was linear and too predictable. I mean come on it’s always “go to a temple, find an Aeon, move on until you reach the end, have a major fight.” The story could have improved a little bit by adding a few twists and turns through out the story to keep the player in the dark on the true situation. 

Thankfully the game makes up for the linear story with its music and graphics. The graphics in the game are truly breathtaking. When I first heard about the graphics I didn’t think they would be that good. I always thought of it as a FF8 kind of graphics except a little bit better. The real time backgrounds are done beautifully and almost seem like a movie is playing and that you aren’t truly playing the game. The part that really impressed me was the characters’ movement within the real time backgrounds. The CGI animation was also beautifully done, using some of the best skills I’ve seen in the field. 

Also, legendary composer Uematsu Nobuo comes back to us and does a good job composing the OSTs, living up to his previous works. The songs reflected the mood of the game very nicely, for example if you are in a fight against the final boss the music pumped you up and you felt as if you were the characters and were ready to pulverize the baddie. If it’s a sad love scene you feel the tears come and if it’s a moment of joy you feel the joy inside you. For these reasons I loved the FFX OST save the one song from the Cloister of Trials. Although the music was good in the game the voice actors were not so great. 

Regardless of the standard gameplay that FFX has adapted with it’s traveling a map, fighting bad guys to gain money, and the likes, the gameplay could have been a little bit more entertaining and unique. So far in every RPG I’ve played objectives are the same, level up, earn money and fight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the traveling and fighting to level up, but I do mind the fact that most RPG games are linear and a change should be in order. Sadly, not many new ways of playing came about. The only truly big change was the introduction to the concept of the Cloister of Trials which is a series of puzzles you solve to gain a ‘prize’. Also another concept that really helps out is that during battles you can switch players in and out to help all your characters gain equal experience in a fight. 

Overall Final Fantasy X has its ups and downs such as some bad voice acting for a few select characters, but it’s beautifully done graphics and OST tracks were excellent. Admittedly I was skeptical if this game would be any good when I first heard about it, and while it exceeded my expectations in the graphics department, I was disappointed by the lack of a high quality storyline. However, after taking all things into consideration, this game is good and enjoyable.