Great Teacher Onizuka

Also Known As: GTO
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Format: 43 Episodes
Allegiance: Studio Pierrot
Director: Abe Noriyuki
Vintage: 1999-2000
Intelligence Agency Report by: Djudge
Enter Onizuka Eikichi: a twenty-two year old third-rate college graduate, karate team captain, notorious former motorcycle gang member, and a man on a quest to become Japan’s greatest teacher! Even though Onizuka first sees teaching as just another opportunity to pick up young girls, he later comes to exhibit the makings of a great mentor. Now, in order to put his money where his mouth is, Onizuka is given authority over the toughest class of delinquents in the prestigious, yet troubled, Seirin Academy. Can GTO rise to the occasion and reform his troublesome class?

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