Hellsing by Munky

Genre: Action
Format: 13 Episodes
Allegiance: Pioneer/GONZO
Director: Iida Umanosuke, Urata Yasunori
Vintage: 2001-2002
Intelligence Agency Report by: Munky
Based in London, England, the Hellsing Organization protects the country from the undead. Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing took over the Hellsing Organization after her father died, and she also became the master of the undefeatable vampire, Alucard. He’s one crazy vampire, and he won’t hesitate to blow you to dust with his awesome gun, the Jackal.

Field Agent Report by: Munky
Overall 8.00

Hellsing is the kind of anime that you don’t see very often. It is a good horror anime that is based off of all the good ol’ vampire stories. This series takes on a more serious tone than its manga counterpart did. It also comes off a bit short to some. The series itself wasn’t too popular in Japan but seems to be a bit more of a hit in America with fans cheering on for a second season. Hellsing offers tons of great ghoul-killing vampire action, and will make you want more, until you see the ending. Overall, I must say that this series is great, but the ending is horrid. If you’re a fan of the manga but haven’t seen the anime yet, don’t expect all the laughs that the manga had. Also, another thing not to expect is all the cool characters. TheHellsing series lacks a lot of important and great characters that the manga had, such as The Millenium Group and Rip Van Winkle.

The story is indeed a good one. It takes you through the history of the Hellsing Organization and how it ended up with the vampire Alucard. The characters also make you want to keep watching. It has the arch-enemy of Alucard, Alexander Anderson. As well as the crazed Valentine brothers, Jan and Luke. The animation style of Hellsing is also a nice mix and pleasing to the eye. The full coloring and dripping blood is just “mmm mmm good.” No more “Ok, I’m going to bite your neck now.” vampire stories. These vampires fight with some amazing guns and one character, Walter, uses dental floss.

Hellsing’s OSTs are amazing. The music is beautifully done with dark, classical pieces, and also some great Halloween style music, and also a type of grungy jazz. The crunchy guitar sounds and the Mr. Big closing theme make me smile from ear to ear with vampiric joy and a thirst for more blood.

If you’re considering picking up this series, I don’t want to discourage you, but I would rather warn you. If endings make all the difference in a series to you, stay away. The rest of the series is great, and would be worth your while at checking out.