Iketeru Futari

Also Known As: Cool Couple
Genre: Comedy
Format: 16 episodes
Allegiance: JC Staff
Director: Yamaguchi Takeshi
Vintage: 1999
Intelligence Agency Report by: Lady Sage
Saji Keisuke likes girls. A lot. Koizumi Akira hates guys. A lot. That’s why Saji is so surprised when, after he gets caught in one of her manipulative traps for perverted men, she agrees to go on a date with them. From that day on, he dogs her continually, even as the capricious Koizumi tries to evade his advances. Will his persistence eventually win her over?

Field Agent Report by: Lady Sage
Overall 2.75
(not an average)

Iketeru Futari is reminiscent of a time when Playboy was considered the height of scandal; back before the internet made hardcore fetish porn commonplace and back before most people had even heard of tentacle porn. Iketeru Futari is here to deliver good old fashioned tits and ass, without any of those useless embellishments. No actual sex, no bizarre kinky stuff…and no plot or character development for that matter.

There is absolutely nothing to the series but fan service. There is a thin veneer of plot laid over the whole thing, but the creators seemed to be aware that they weren’t fooling anybody with it. Saji’s methods of courting Koizumi are on the risqué side – he is extremely unsubtle about trying to get into her pants. Of course, reality is nothing compared to fantasy, and we are frequently granted glimpses into Saji’s perverted brain. The line between fantasy and reality is intentionally vague, and it is never definite whether Saji or Koizumi is more honest about how far they’ve gotten.

And at least in Saji’s imagination, they’ve done a lot. Oral and anal are both very strongly implied, and the real world is not without its kinks. Girls kissing, cross-dressing, and the ever-popular lingerie pillow fight (for the last time guys, those don’t actually happen) join the ubiquitous panty shots and jiggling breasts, forming a rather lengthy list of fan service strategies. Unfortunately, the art isn’t very good. Koizumi looks cute at first, but the first naked shot of her immediately reveals how bizarrely proportioned she is, with a head much too large for her body.

I do have to give Iketeru Futari credit for knowing exactly what it is and not having any pretensions of wanting to accomplish anything else. However, that does not make it good. This series would be right at home with the pseudo-porn they show on Skinemax late at night. If you are into stuff like that, then by all means, watch this series. If you aren’t, there really is zero reason to even try.