Genre: Third-Person Action/Sandbox
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Allegiance: Sucker Punch Productions
Vintage: 2009
Rating: T
Intelligence Agency Report by: Dante
Cole McGrath was just your run-of-the-mill delivery boy. That is, until his last delivery changed his life forever. He received a call at the delivery location, telling him to open the package. When he did, it triggered a massive explosion that left the city devastated and thousands dead. But not Cole. It had a different effect on him- he came out of it with superpowers. Now everyone thinks he’s a terrorist, and he must find who caused this and bring them to justice. Whether he pursues this goal by just means or unjust means is a choice he’ll have to make along the way.

Weapons Expert Report by: Dante 
Overall 8.00
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: PlayStation 3 

Infamous is a sandbox-style superhero game set in a post-apocalyptic-style city. The premise in that regard is nothing special (think Spider-Man if New York got hit by a nuke). The main character is somewhat more unique, though. Cole McGrath starts the game as a courier, and he has to deliver a package for which he was specifically requested. He’s told to open it, and it causes an explosion that leaves him with superpowers and labeled a terrorist. So, while it is somewhat unique, it does still have a generic feel to it. 

The story in Infamous is one of the game’s strongest points. It’s got a lot of deeper-meaning stuff going on, and unexpected plot twists abound. Even better, the story changes depending on how the player plays the game. In certain scenarios, the player is given the option of performing a “Good” action (which gives them good karma), or an “Evil” action (which gives them evil karma). Each path offers its own cutscenes and abilities, changing the gameplay substantially. This way of telling the story adds a good deal of replay value to the game overall. 

The gameplay of Infamous Is fun, but gets really repetitive at times. Being a sandbox-style game in the same vein as the Spider-Man series, it offers a lot of side missions (and once you get just so far, they are all pretty much the same). There are certain mechanics that don’t make any sense at all, either, such as enemies being saved from electricity bolts due to being behind a fence and whatnot. The game also has its fair share of glitches (mostly in the form of clipping issues , where solid objects are, well, less than solid). There was a point where I was entering a mission, and right at the start of it I fell through the street I was walking on and died. Personally, I find that Infamous is a fun game to play, but it is also very frustrating at times- a prime example of why Quality Assurance testing prior to release is a must. 

The graphics in Infamous are very good for this generation of consoles. Honestly, they’re not the best, but they’re still good. The characters are illustrated very well and the city has a lot of detail. Animations look somewhat forced at times, though, and some of the main characters look a little odd, to say the least. But the graphics are decently done, especially the special abilities, which are possibly the best graphics in the game (well, maybe not quite as good as the city itself, but a close second, for sure). Overall, the graphics are pleasing and add a certain amount of playability to the game. 

Infamous truly shines in the audio department. First off, the voiceovers are very well done. The voice actors for the various characters really did a good job portraying the emotions that their characters exhibited, even secondary characters . The music in the game was very well-composed and really sets the tone for boss fights, timed challenges, and even cutscenes. It adds a certain touch that would make the game seem very bland without it. 

Infamous is a game I would recommend for action game enthusiasts as well as sandbox fans. If you like superhero games, that’s a plus, too. Although this game does have its fair share of glitches, you can still play for a good period of time without running into any of them (although I guarantee you’ll find at least one). The replay value of the game is decent due to the Good/Evil path selection and the various abilities associated with each. Overall, I say this game is, at the very least, worth a rent. It’s a fun game with a great story.