Jedi Squadron Podcast: Episode 01 – A New Hope Awakens

By Nathan DeSa & Rizwan Merchant 

Happy May the 4th! Today Anime Secrets is proud to announce our latest member of our podcast network, Jedi Squadron. This podcast is the brain child of Nathan (Toku Secrets) and Rizwan (Anime Declassified & Toku Secrets), as the answer to their need to have a space to discuss all things Star Wars, and what better time to launch this then May the 4th?! Join us in our first episode in this new adventure as we introduce ourselves and give you our audience an idea of how we got into Star Wars, what our favorite movie and era of the franchise are, and who are some of our favorite characters. We also talk about our recent expeirences seeing Return of the Jedi on the big screen for the first time ever as part of the celebration of forty years since the movie first came out! So grab your lightsaber and get ready to jump to hyper space, the Jedi Squadron is assembled and ready.